We are part of a living universe

Deepak Chopra just released two new videos exploring how we can view ourselves in relation to the universe.

This new awareness of who we really are, as explained by Deepak Chopra, can offer some ideas and supplemental information for your presentations on Layers of Life and Higher States of Consciousness. Some of items he covers are unity consciousness and local/non-local. Check it out!

In the video Are We part of a Living Universe, Deepak explores how we and the Universe are a single wholeness.

In the video I Am the Universe, Deepak explains why our real identity is universal and eternal.

You can read more about this concept in Deepak Chopra’s and Leonard Mlodinow’s new book War of the Worldviews.

Please share your thoughts on the subject or whether the videos sparked any ideas that you could incorporate into your own presentations when teaching meditation. We’d love to hear from you.


  1. To be honest these concepts are, to me, perhaps some of the most important ideas which need to be communicated to people today. And they are intimately tied to meditation practice because it is what can give you the awareness of your Self at that level, which takes the idea of being one with the Universe from information to knowledge.
    if people understood that they are the self having the experience and the Universe cocreating the experience AND the experience, don’t you think they would create cooler experiences? Traffic Jams and acres of plastic detritus on both land and sea? If people could conceive of the idea that the plastic piles are the earthly equivalent of arterial plaque and/or cellulite would they still throw it around with abandon? Would they really spend decades shuffling papers about meaningless widgets so that they can have a pile of shiny stuff and two weeks of vacation? Would we really trade decades for piles of paper by doing something we hate, if we grasped that this world is a classroom?

    And yet they are the hardest subjects for me to bring to the discussion. To me this is the most important reason to engage in meditation and the hardest one to make sound “normal”. The hardest one to bring to the rational mind unexposed to these metaphysical ideas. It is the struggle i am in the middle of with my first session outline.

    As funny as it may sound I would give anything to hear Davidji do the opening he did at Whistler again from the perspective of a teacher in training. It was smooth. It was elegant in its simplicity and clarity. And i can’t remember how he introduced it or organized what he wanted to say.

  2. during the first video, when deepak said ‘stardust’, my thoughts went immediately to the song ‘woodstock’ by joni mitchell. “we are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”. how true.

    i totally believe i am part of a living universe. i notice it less on the cosmic level, more on the environmental level. i work outside – in and around the water. i have had many many experiences of being still and witnessing – feeling – the heart beat of nature; the tide, like my blood, flowing effortlessly in and out nourishing all that it embraces. the wind is my breath. i am simply another blade of grass, another fish is the school, another dolphin in the pod, another bird in the flock. all things i see in nature flow with a graceful and continuous rhythm, even in times of storm and tumult. when i surrender my own little needs and wants to nature’s intelligence, i feel my own being moving with effortless grace as if i am, truly, an integral component in the system – the living universe.

    as a teacher (interpretive naturalist), i do my best to encourage others to let go of seeing themselves as outsiders to the natural world. not different from, but part of. i meet so many people who are of that opinion, ‘nature is something different from myself, it’s all that stuff outside.’ if i can shift that perspective just a wee bit… 🙂

  3. The first video describes many of the concepts I will incorporate in Session 4 regarding Higher states of consciousness. The challenge for me is being authentic or stating these ideas with a sense of conviction. I believe that I have had a taste of Cosmic and Divine Consciousness but not really felt it in a sustained, heart-felt way. I am left with the description of these based on what many inspired seers and gurus describe. These descriptions are so uniformly similar that I believe them to be authentic and that I too can attain them with continued (meditation) practice.

    As for the concept of the Self – the real “I” separate from the roles and coverings of the ego and the world – that is much more real for me. I have long had an awareness of “the silent watcher”. Deepak’s description about the false identification with the egoic I makes perfect sense to me. Incorporating this into Session 1 seems quite doable.

    I’ll be curious to hear what others describe on this Blog and at the Teacher Training in two weeks

  4. so true Patte….. I immediately posted CSNY’s version of the song on Dji’s page and said it was PSM 11-11’s theme song…. we ARE stardust, we are golden and we have to get ourselves back…. to knowing that and helping guide our students to discover this truth as well.

    I must admit that my “presentations” are still on the fly…. I’m not much for props & notes… we’ll see how it serves me but I just want to be an instrument of these teachings…. to allow the beauty I have discovered through my own meditation… the peace I have found in the midst of trauma, loss and turmoil through discovering WHO I really am to allow others to do the same.

    What I do know is that the videos above resonate deep within and throughout my mind, body & soul. I do know I am part of and one with the whole Universe and that level of compassion toward myself and others is bound to have a beautiful ripple effect that I may or may not see the fruits of but it is in the resonance of the knowledge I will hold fast and continue to share~~~ and I may not know exactly how to convey/translate that to my students….yet… but I KNOW that CCU will make sure I do.. so I will let go of that worry and allow the Universe to work out the details 😉

    The teachings of the Gita, Upanishads and Crest Jewel are…… indescribable and yet I feel I could talk about it for hours as well~~ when Krishna is telling Arjuna how if we (he) worship lower deities we will go to them and if we worship ancestors we will stay with them and if we worship the elements the (Bhutas) we will become that…. but if we worship Him we will be with Him and in that steadfast devotion we will find divinity— (phew, ok I’m impressed with myself just now, for here I am just typing away and that comes out of nowhere— ahh, yea Dji, immersion)– that alone makes me want to keep up with my meditation… to get off the couch (tamas) to stop just maintaining (rajas) and allow sattva to be my last and final binding till I break free of my bonds and am liberated……

    When your soul is on fire in such a way~~~ you are stardust and you can’t help but shine your light on others— so I may not have a clinical, scientific, or even organized method….. but I have faith and this is going to open doors that I can’t even see yet…. for me and those in the ripple!

    Thanks CCU— I am in LOVE, gratitude and thirsting for more— can’t wait to see you guys in just a few days!

  5. I love the concept of enlarging our identities… to include our cosmic identity. It is comforting to know and feel my kinship with all of life and the whole universe — from the beginning of time. How lovely that we are not solitary travelers on this journey called human life. I am so encouraged to realize that there is no real separation from my family members and from the great teachers who have walked here on Earth. There is a genuine connection to those who are no longer inhabitants of this space and time dimension of life on Earth, and that brings me great joy. Connection to Living Universe, and being the Living Universe is so fundamental to understanding why meditation is such an important practice. Understanding that I am part of the Living Universe from the beginning of time makes the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation much more meaningful to me. Thank you, Liz Penland

  6. I must admit that shifting paradigms and seeing yourself as infinite and part of a living universe takes time. The more I hear Deepak explain these ancient truths the more they begin to resonate with me at a deeper level of awareness. For those on the teacher path journey, have patience with yourself as you shed old paradigms of me and I and discover different states of consciousness and awareness.

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