Seduction of Spirit: Whistler 2009

Hello Meditators -

It’s been only a few days since we found stillness and silence amidst the magnificent forests and majestic peaks of Whistler. WOW! What an amazing week. How fortunate we are to have experienced six days of sharing, caring, and transformation. Between the magnificent setting, the sweet collective intention, the sutras, the yoga and dancing, the drumming, the laughing and tears, the OM baths, the ayurvedic lunches, our never-ending celebrations, the various exercises, and those amazing meditations, I don’t know that any of us will ever be the same.

On behalf of Deepak and David, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share Seduction of Spirit and Seduction of Silence with you – and thank you for sharing your hearts, the sweet spot of Canada, and your deeper discovery of Spirit with us. We hope you are still meditating and that this timeless body of wisdom is still resonating with you. We at the Chopra Center are grateful that we have connected with so many messengers of light and love!

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