Meditation Q & A: Can I Lie Down During Meditation?

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Is it okay to lie on your back or stomach during meditation? I feel better lying down on my bed or on a recliner so that my body is completely relaxed.

It is preferable to sit comfortably in a chair, on the floor, or on a cushion when you meditate because sitting up helps you stay alert and awake so that you can enter a state of deep restful awareness.  Since the mind has been conditioned over a lifetime to go to sleep when the body is lying down, when you meditate in a reclining position, your mind and body will automatically become sleepier instead of more alert.

If injuries, chronic pain or illness make sitting up very uncomfortable, then lying down is a reasonable alternative. Once you are feeling better, practice meditating in an upright position.

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  1. You should do what ever feels right to you. If you spend a lot of time meditating it is better not to lye on your stomach this could cause you back problems. Lying on your back is good as long as you don’t fall asleep. Sitting with good posture is easier on your body then lying down for long periods of time. Walking meditation is even better then sitting or lying down but it requires a steady mind free from distractions.


  2. I’m not really used to meditating sitting. I just did what felt right, so I lie down to meditate twice a day. It works for me. :)


  3. If you are lying down and worried you will fall asleep, an easy way to stay alert is to bend your knees so if your legs fall it will alert u.



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