Reflections on Teacher Training from davidji

La Costa Afternoon sunSunday was an exciting day at the Center as 45 meditation teachers in training began their first day immersing themselves in Primordial Sound Meditation instruction. We spent the morning moving through the second greatest fear on the planet – public speaking.

Chopra Center University spends extra time with each student to move them past their fear of presenting in front of others – and the transformation is powerful. By Wednesday the comfort level is extremely high. Since all teachers in training are also students of meditation, they have been diligently meditating twice a day,  which is making them more intuitive, sharp, and focused in each session.

This November class has drawn participants from Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, and the U.S. There are 15 different countries are represented, a great blend of men and women, and a wide range of ages.  The group contains mothers, fathers, a few doctors, lawyers, ceos,  entrepreneurs, therapists, and people from many other walks of life, bringing together an abundance of personal and professional experience.

After spending seven days with us in the sweet spot of the universe, they will take the final test (and hopefully graduate), and then scatter like seeds throughout the world sharing stillness and silence. Imagine the world  just one week from now – less stress, less anxiety, better sleep, heightened immune systems, more creativity, more intuition, easier communication, more sharing, heightened awareness, deeper discovery. And most of all . . . 45 magnificent beams of light gracing their own communities, their own worlds, with love, expansion, and deeper connection. Truly beautiful.

We are blessed that people around the world who would never have considered themselves teachers, today feel inspired to take these teachings into their families, their workplace, and their daily lives . . . harnessing the power of intention and consciousness to transform the world.

Peace. -davidji

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