What Are You Grateful For?

This month the Chopra Center is celebrating gratitude. Let us know what you are grateful for by submitting a comment!



  1. I am grateful for the love of my family and my friends, the ability to spend time with my daughter and beautiful grandchildren enjoying their journey — the baby’s first steps, the teenager’s first “love”; I am also grateful for the opportunities to be helpful to others, whether professionally or personally, listening to them when they feel down or having a hard time, and sometimes being able to give them helpful advice, or referring them to services available in the community to meet their needs; I am grateful for the gift of life, the ability to enjoy the beauty of nature, and the blessing of living in a free and democratic country. I am grateful for many more things which I am not listing here, as I want this comment to be brief.

  2. i’m grateful for being aware of all my blessings 🙂

  3. Chopra…how come you never come visit Toronto? Lots of fans here.

    1. Hi Irish Gal,
      Thanks for your question. As you write, there are many members of the extended Chopra Center family living in Toronto. The Chopra Center has been offering events there on a fairly regularly basis. Most recently, Deepak Chopra and David Simon led a weekend workshop in Toronto in July. In May we will be returning to Toronto with the Journey into Healing workshop – our mind-body medicine featuring Drs. Chopra & Simon as well as other renowned guest experts. We hope to get to see you there!
      The Chopra Center Staff

    2. I am grateful that I have learned how to be happy no matter what is happening in my life. Several years ago, I went to a workshop and learned how simple it is to focus on what works and what is good. I used to think that one had to grow up in a perfect and happy family to have this sort of balance. And all the time, there it was right in front of me. I am so grateful for this.

    3. I am grateful for this very moment. My hot cup of tea, my warm sweater and frost on the ground promising that snow, and a change of season, is coming soon.

    4. I am grateful for being able to move back home, home being the USA and for the ability to spend my Christmas at home with my folks and family. THen it is off to meet new friends and challenges in Atlanta Gerogia where I hope to become a Chiropractor! Let the Math and Chemistry gods be with me!

    5. I recently was guided by the Universe to move to Maui for the healing this wonderful place can provide for me. I’m so grateful to be aware that the Universe “knows” whats best for me and the fact that I can really “get” the blessings in all that has come up for me. The Universe even guided me to the perfect apartment for me, high up in the trees, where the energy is even MORE healing, I just moved in, as I had my morning coffee on the deck, I just marvel at the “grace” of GOD in setting this very special place up for my healing and enlightenment. Now I will slow down and get to know MYSELF. I let go and let GOD and know that all will be well.

    6. When I wake up at 4:30 to head to the gym each morning, I raise my head to the sky and I am speechless. I am in total awe of the beauty of the stars above me. This simple habit reminds me that we are surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance.

    7. I’m grateful today, among many other reasons, because after years of asking who I am, I finally understood that I’m a vibration. A vibration that receive other vibrations and take me to a place where I can see all the posibilities. Therefore, I can create my own life. I’m grateful because today I became a creator.

    8. I am grateful for knowing the wonderful women in our troupe of dancers, the Egyptian Moon Dance Company.

      Their spirit of giving has no bounds.

      I am grateful to have the privilege of sharing the love of dance, and the time to enjoy it, with them.


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