What Are You Grateful For?

This month the Chopra Center is celebrating gratitude. Let us know what you are grateful for by submitting a comment!



  1. I am grateful for the ability to attend the party happening each day. I love that I can show up as the light within and leave what bothers me behind. I appreciate that awareness is more powerful than thought and peace resides in every moment. I wake each day with an enthusiasm for what this day had in store. For being, I am grateful.

  2. Grateful for another day to love my best friend, my soul mate, my lover.

    Grateful for the widening of eyes and opening of hearts by all touched by cancer.

    Grateful that youth can be resilient and hopeful even in the light of candles burning out.

    Grateful that God has spoken in the ears of my children and on their hearts – especially as sadness burdens their every breath.

    Grateful for family and friends and community that have come together like the weave of a wheat grass basket.

    Grateful that I can still believe in miracles.

  3. I am so grateful for having learned the LOA and for reading Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.

    I am grateful that worry is gone. I am grateful that illness is gone. I am grateful that debt is gone. I am grateful for joyful living and “magical” things happening most every day. I am grateful for my husband and family that love me and make me laugh. I am grateful that I am well enough to dance like nobody’s watching and that I am filled with so much light, and love, and compassion that my sale’s calls have a very high return. I am grateful for being paid what I deserve. I am grateful for having the energy to participate in deeper and more meaningful relationships. I am grateful for touching people’s lives and hearts. I am grateful for being granted favor. I am grateful for being granted respect and kindness and safety and love. I am grateful for the energy for vacations and more fun-filled ventures.

    I am grateful that Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Success have completely and forever changed my life to ALL GOOD THINGS coming to me now–now and forever.

    And I am grateful for all of these posts.

    Thank you. 🙂

  4. im grateful to everyone whom i meet in my life, each with a lesson to teach and to learn from, whether its bad or good.

    im grateful for the wonders of life and life itself, what it has to offer as i slowly regain connection to the universe and learn to trust in the process.

    love n light to all…

  5. I am grateful for my health and my families health

  6. Dear Dr. Chopra,
    I am so grateful for being lifted out of depression. I call this the Year of Magical Thinking. I’m 73 and have been holding onto too many dreams that haven’t come true. . . like winning an Oscar or Tony. And in despair because no one will ever hear my music. But this summer I had a magical (night) dream about a diet eating Morning Glories. I designed my own Aryuvedic diet, then got one of your books from the library . . . and your message, “about being open to all possibilities” seem to be part of a convergence that has helped me maintain my diet, and I have photographed my garden and uploaded my music and learned to put it on YouTube!! Who knew! Yes. It feels like miracles can happen. I don’t need a Tony, etc., just knowing my music is out there is enough. http://www.youtube.com/janamedrova in case anyone would care to listen.

  7. I make a declaration each year for my company. I was deciding what to declare for 2010 and then I received the Chopra.com gratitude quiz.

    My declaration for 2010 is The Year of Gratitude. I personally focus on things for which I am grateful and I want to have our employees consider the same focus. It will clearly improve our company culture.

    I was recently certified as a Primordial Sound Meditation instructor and have taught about 15 of our 50 something employees.

    I am grateful for the people at the Chopra center, and of course the co-founder Deepak Chopra. I am grateful that Deepak talks about how science and Vedic traditions speak of the same concepts with different words. This connection between science and spirituality has been one of my passions for years.

    I am grateful for The Alliance for the New Humanity and all of the participating people and organizations who work to expand the global consciousness.

  8. I am grateful for all of the love I have in my life and I have to share with others. I am grateful for being divinely guided and continually renewed with vibrant health and energy. I am grateful for all of the souls out there spreading love and making positive change. For the blessing of my beautiful, joyous children and loving family.

    Peace and love.

  9. I,m Gratefull for being Alive,,my heart being Awakend,,mother earth,,having a True Purpose in Life and not a selfish one,,,knowing i never stop learning true knowledge,,,so gratefull Beutifull teachers have been put in my path,,,Thank you so much,,love to everyone,,eddie

  10. My 3 beautiful grandchildren.. They give my heart wings!! I could not imagine loving something so complete so unconditionally until they came into my life one by one. They stretched my heart and blew my mind! They are as important to me as the air I breathe and I could not imagine life without them!

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