What Are You Grateful For?

This month the Chopra Center is celebrating gratitude. Let us know what you are grateful for by submitting a comment!



  1. Among a myriad of other things, I am grateful for an increasing awareness of the Creator’s love and for experiencing more ways to give it to others.

  2. I am grateful for being born with all the tools to live this gift that we call life.


  3. I am grateful for the insight, compassion and love that shows up each and every time I teach a yoga class.

  4. I am deeply grateful for being alive; for being able to sense parts of the beauty of this planet, the grandeur of this universe, the intricacy of it’s structure. I am grateful for being human and for being part of the story we create. I am grateful for the tiny bits of wisdom that I find in places such as this one. I am grateful for loving and being loved, for laughter, for oportunities to create, for language, for passion, for curiosity, for endless mystery.

  5. I am grateful for my son. All grown up and a good, decent man; a great father, an outstanding firefighter and a truly magnificent human being.

  6. I’m grateful for the knitting cirlce that I co-founded with two wonderful friends that I met serendipitously (at the yarn store) in January this year. Between us, we’ve taught several people how to knit and crochet. It’s such a delight and a privilege to see someone develop their creativity, and to learn from each other as we work on our various projects. The yarn store only buys ethically sourced yarns, which adds an extra element of delight to our hobby.

    I’m also grateful for my lovely colleagues; my beautiful husband; our exciting dreams and plans; good health; for having opportunities that many people will never have; for simple pleasures like cups of tea with biscuits, good books, the internet, quiet days at home; and our small but precious band of good friends.

    I’m grateful that it’s almost Christmas time, and that the dark winter days will soon be filled with the glow of fairy lights and candles, sparkling baubels and tinsel, and the scent of Christmas spices.

    I’ve also enjoyed reading all these posts, especially Deb Roberts’ moving poem.

  7. On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for being alive and blessed to walk my path with Spirit each and every day. I continue to learn lessons on my walk that enhance my life and give me positive energy. How awesome that is for me. I also am grateful for the Chopra Center website, and for Deepak Chopra, my mentor and a person who inspired me by reading his awesome books and learning all about my “higher self”. That all happened about 10 years ago, and my life has never been the same since then. In fact, I am the happiest, most peaceful and positive person that I ever have been and the possibilities just keep getting better! I continue to practice being my authentic self, living in the moment, and nurturing my body/mind/soul. If there were one message I could pass on to others it would be to “be your authentic self, speak your own truth, and reach out to those who are in need.” Helping and serving others will not only benefit the “other”, but will also give to you a spiritual empowerment that will never end. We all are one with the Universe and all creatures. I look in awe at every human person, creature, bird, flower, plant, tree, insect, animal and mammal and realize how unique ALL were created. My prayer would be that the whole wide world would become “conscious”, and an “awakening” of EVERY Spirit would catch fire so that we all could live in the Spirit of Universal Love and Life! The world needs love, not hate! We came from LOVE, and we will return to LOVE! I wish each and every person a very blessed Thanksgiving. Gratitude! ah—yes!! AHMMMMMMMM

  8. I am greatful to God for the life he gave me. I am also greatful to God for this wonderful world with such beautiful and awe-inspiring places and also the children and grand children He gave me. I am also greatful for the ability to appreciate several kinds of music, sush as Gregorian,Polyphonic, Carnatic, Hindustani and Sufi.For taking me to over 35 countries in this world.

  9. Gratful that the grass is green and the tears in my eyes are salty.

    That painful moments are just as right as hopeful ones

    Grateful that I learnt the truth from a man who is in prison. He told me “the only truth in life is being honest with yourself.”

    I am grateful being able to be grateful and being able to give and in doing so to receive love.

    Let the rain of blessings fall to everyone

  10. I am grateful for being able to face my difficulties and recently have realized I am getting in tuch with myself more and more closely. I feel like a free, bird , alive and awake, in luv with life and fullof gratitude. Thank u god for allowing me to appreciate u in me and be happy with the thought of just being. Thanks.

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