What Are You Grateful For?

This month the Chopra Center is celebrating gratitude. Let us know what you are grateful for by submitting a comment!



  1. I am humbly grateful for all the Love that has brought me to this moment…

  2. I am grateful for my parents. Thanks to them I am able to live in a city which makes me happy just to walk along the street. Because of them I was able to buy a beautiful little flat that I love and adore and that makes me feel safe. I am grateful and thankful because I was blessed with such amazing parents that have made all my happiness possible.

  3. I am grateful to my parents for all their love and caring of my 6 brothers and 4 sisters. For guiding us and teaching us about beauty and goodness by their lives. For giving us a love of Nature and teaching us to be loving and considerate of all people. For surrounding us with a menagerie of pets, lambs, ducks, homing pidgeons, cats, fish and a dog that they taught us how to love and care for. For teaching us how healing listening can be. For our beautiful home with front and back gardens filled beautiful plants and trees. I will always remember my father showing me a golden peace rose and asking me what shape I thought a star was. And I am grateful to my loving grandparents who showered us with love and gifts and always had Lifesavers in their pockets, and especially grandpa Canestra who used to play the accordian, and call us on the phone at 5:30 in the morning telling us to get up and asking us to come and pick the almonds and peaches growing in the garden. Also my aunt and uncle who were my parents’ brother and sister, for all the fun times singing around the piano and playing musical chairs and London bridge, etc. So much to be grateful for……

  4. I’m also grateful to my father who wrote in my autograph book when I was a child: “Seek ye first the kindgom of God, and all else will be yours.” This is what has always guided me along the way, and led me to the writings and work of Deepak Chopra……. thank you all…

  5. I am grateful for the work of Pedro Opeka in Madagascar. He change the life of thousands of people in Akamasoa, moving them from extreme poverty to a new life full of hope, work and faith.
    Thank you Padre Pedro for caring and devoting your life serving humanity in Africa. Those children are now smiling!

    I am also grateful for the inspiration and light coming from Mr Chopra´s work. Thank you for your books, your center and for your visit to Santiago.

    King Regards,

  6. I never thought I would say this; however, I am most grateful for the gift of cancer. As frightening as it sounds, and as overwhelming it has been in the past, and sometimes in the present moment, cancer have given me an opportunity to reflect on that which is really, really important to me.

    Through cancer, I learned how to prepare for death, this awareness has enhanced the quality of my life, with deep appreciation for each and every
    breath that I breathe. I see the world through a different set of eyes, I no longer suffer from fear, or am crippled by guilt, shame, despair or anxiety.

    No longer afraid of the diagnosis, or the prognosis, I am grateful for cancer for affording me time to just be me. I am grateful for the experience of cancer, for my life is richer, textured with knowledge, empathy, understanding, unbounded love of life, I am fearless and free, my spirit soars hoping never to return to the chains of this vessel we call a body.

  7. I am grateful for so many things. Among the stress and grief of the last year, I have what most would call a charmed life. I do what I love and love what I do, I have the support of loved ones, my work helps so many and they share their gratitude for same with me frequently. My most recent item to be grateful for is the book by Dr. Chopra…”Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” What a gem…

    I am looking forward to the workshop in March @ Marco Island, FL.


  8. I am grateful to the Divine for nothing and for everything.
    Nature is duty-bound to bless me and all of us with Its graciousness.I am just aware of all that has been bestowed on me for my up-keep in every sense of the word.My gratefulness cannot be captured in words as its magnitude is enormous.
    On the worldly plane,i am thankful to my teachers including Dr.Deepak Chopra whom i had the good fortune to meet in Delhi a few years back and felt overwhelmed by the grace of God on him.His simplicity,despite being an icon really seeped deep in my very being.

  9. I am grateful to have positive messages such as this one arrive in my inbox. As I wasn’t taught how to take care of my whole self growing up, so seeking out these little bits of light have enabled me to push forward in my search for peace and balance.
    I am grateful for the wonderful energy that is radiating from all that Chopra has manifested, I am grateful to add to and draw from it. I can only imagine what would shift in my life were I to attend a workshop…

    Thank you 🙂

  10. I am grateful for my family, my children, husband and grand children, for my friends and to my parents for giving me this life.
    I am grateful to be able to work in the field of Healing , helping people along the way.
    I am grateful to be aware of my energetic connection with all things living in this Universe .
    I am grateful to be able to learn new things every day .
    I am grateful for my health , and for the health of all my loved ones.
    I am grateful to be able to express my gratitude like this , thank you 🙂

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