What is your present-moment awareness MOMENT?

What is the present moment? Can you grab it and celebrate it or is it so elusive that as soon as you envision it . . . you’re in the past? If I close my eyes and think . . . do I drift into the past or the future?

We know that during meditation we experience the stillness and silence that rests within . . . true present-moment awareness – a state of restful alertness that is like being your own silent witness. We also know that once we have developed a meditation practice, at various moments when we are not meditating, we have the ability to drift into higher states of consciousness such as unity consciousness and divine consciousness. It’s the present moment…seizing that moment, living it, and being aware of it – that’s more indescribable.

There are a few obvious “present moments” – when you are not thinking for one moment about the past nor for one moment about the future. PURE PRESENT-MOMENT AWARENESS. For the two seconds when you close your eyes, bend down, and smell a flower. Gaze into someone’s eyes and FEEL love coming back. Dance with glee until you are your body and it is you . . . and then you feel like you’re outside of it. Surrendering to a kiss – just for a second  your lips turn into liquid sweetness. The moment of screaming at the top of your lungs on a roller coaster. Laughing so hard that your cheeks ache and your belly hurts. The moment of an orgasm where you are not thinking one micron about the past or future. Sipping a delicious wine or tasting an amazing soufflé. Savoring the moment.

These are examples of embracing the present moment.

As meditators, we may find ourselves in the present moment more often than we think. If we are aware of those moments, our lives will become richer and deeper as more present-moment awareness washes through us. Simply understanding what these moments and circumstances are will help to more gently to connect each of us to the present moment.

My most recent present moment “moment” was Friday’s sunset at the beach through clouds and mist . . . it lasted less than one minute but it was so powerful it rippled through me – freezing me in time – and indelibly painting the moment in my mind. Time stood still. I became the ocean – the sky became me – and for those few moments I was totally present. No past . . . no future. Just the moment.

sunset freedom small

Every day we have these fleeting connections to our unconditioned selves. What is your present-moment awareness MOMENT? Share it here.

peace~ davidji

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  1. Hi every one at the Chopra center – and everyone reading this.
    I want to thank you all for a travel of my life – june 09 – and inspiration for life! Right now the snow is landing on the ground in Denmark I feel the blessings – greatfulness when I feel and watch the snow. A wonderful moment of life. Lene


  2. Aloha davidji,
    I love escaping into the present moment with your oh so divine meditations, thankyou for your gift . My daughter and I find your resonating voice very healing.

    Well I remember when I first became conscious of the present moment, …. I was at University and about 18 years old, I had a full load of classes 21 credits, sounds daunting and everyone was so impressed I was taking on so much but….. they had no idea how beautiful each of my days were, with being filled with 5plus hours of Art and Dance classes, I had only one religion class and one geology class. It was hardly overwhelming at all, and in fact I never felt so aligned and connected.

    I distincly remember the day I was in Art a drawing with pencil class, I was pencilling in every cell of the white paper with the dark lead except for the three pinecones that were lightly lined and shaded.
    Class was over and I reamained a little longer. After a while I became aware it was time to move on to my next commitment, and it had been 3 hours. Wow, I marvelled how did that happen? I was so filled with joy and peace , I had been in the zone, not really thinking much of anything, and time seemed suspended and I seemed full . I wondered where had I been , this felt like a meditation to me, Ahhh…. I realized I had been truely visiting the present moment. So grateful that day that taught me doing what I love fills my soul with a river of stillness and joy. My teacher would often comment that I was a very patient artist because of all the details I would shade and place in my drawings, I would just smile …. It was the joy of escaping into now…


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