Congratulations to our new Primordial Sound Meditation teachers!

IMG_9218Last month in the sweet spot of the universe – the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California – we celebrated the graduation of our newest class of Primordial Sound Meditation instructors. After many months of home study, the teachers-in- training from throughout the world converged for a week-long immersion to become certified meditation instructors.

They received intensive training in public speaking, presentation skills, and the timeless practice of Primordial Sound Meditation. Each participant learned the history of meditation, mantra techniques, personal instruction techniques, meditation’s healing benefits, and facilitating group meditations. They are now experts in teaching others this powerful tool for balance, natural stress relief, and expanded states of consciousness.

The Chopra Center University is an internationally recognized institution that has certified more than 1,200 teachers throughout the world to teach yoga, ayurveda, and meditation. Certified instructors currently teach on every continent on the planet. World-renowned for its teacher training programs, Chopra Center University gives instructors the expertise and qualifies them to successfully set up, market, and independently teach courses in mind-body health and spiritual growth.

The Chopra Center’s New Meditation Instructors

Mark Bannon, Connecticut
Pat Boulet, Canada
Laurin Kyle Boyle, Canada
Jean Brown, Canada
Susan Chapman, California
Nancy Clark, Florida
Andrea Dennis, Illinois
Patty Eppley, Pennsylvania
Susan Fishman, Arizona
Michelle Fondin, Virginia
Marie Helene, Fortin California
Stephanie Frantz, Illinois
Katherine Fredricks, New York
Fabrizio Furlanis, California
Patty Gaitan, Guatemala
Steve Guarino, Illinois
Alan Hark, Pennsylvania
Julian Hubbard, California
Mike Imperato, New York
Ursula Jabri, California
Chiharu Kimura, Japan
Stephanie Konecoff, California
Rindy Leeds, Colorado
Charlotte Lenssen, Colorado
Paula Mayer, Colorado
Siobhan McKenna, Ireland
Isabelle Moreau, Canada
Tiffany Murray, California
Dara Noyes Gall, Massachusetts
Donna Nulton, California
Karen Rzepecki, Pennsylvania
Kole Schreiber, California
Valerie Scruggs, New York
Chandra Shah, Colorado
Shelyn Somani, Canada
Livia Stabile, Florida/Brazil
Donna Teodorov, Canada
Nicole Walleen, Canada
Leilani Ware, Michigan
Deanna Zimmermann, California
Lorin Zvilna, Canada


To find a certified Chopra Center Teacher in your area, please click here.

For more information on becoming a certified instructor, email the Chopra Center University at or call 888.424.6772 x1639.

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