Beyond the Symptoms: Emotional Healing, Part II

david-simon-portrait-webThis is Part II of  an interview with Dr. David Simon,  featured in the December issue of Elevated Existence Magazine.   Dr. Simon explains the connection between emotions and disease, and the holistic way to find wholeness and health.  Read Part I here.

Making Changes
The Chopra Center offers emotional healing seminars, which Simon says he has been
developing for years. The first of the two-part series dedicated to emotional healing is called Free to Love, which takes place over three days and is about identifying, mobilizing and releasing emotional toxicity getting in the way of good health. The second part is Free to Heal, which dedicates five days focused on rejuvenation for
the body.

“Fee to Love is intensely healing, but we are finding people are pretty raw afterward, and so we encourage them to learn how to take better care of themselves in a compassionate and loving way through the second course, Free to Heal, explains Simon. “With both, they have the deep insights to release the pain, and also have the tools to move forward, treat themselves lovingly and have healthy relationships.”
In his book, which is a guide to the Free to Love process, Simon reveals a variety of methods for emotional clearing, including heart-opening yoga poses, breathing exercises and specific “intuitive self-reflection” exercises that take the reader through a series of questions to both reflect upon and journal about.

Yoga for Emotional Healing

Yoga on the beach.“Breath and thought work closely together, so we find that by consciously using the breath, we can access information we previously suppressed,” he says. Also, the yoga poses were developed over the years to make it easier for people to bring awareness into the places of the body associated with emotions, and stretching, moving and
breathing helps the release of toxic emotions from the body.

“If people are tuned in, they feel emotions in the heart, gut and occasionally the sexual organs,” Simon explains. “The yoga poses are designed to open up the core emotional center and release the energy trapped inside.”

And while many who go through the program or do it themselves at home may be tempted not to do the journaling element, Simon says it is a very important piece. Rather than going through the steps in the mind, writing them down is necessary — not only to remember the insights revealed, but to get them out of our minds and onto the paper.
1128174902kD2fi8“We carry all this stuff around on our internal hard drive, and when we write it down, it’s like downloading it to a flash drive and creating space,” Simon says. “We need to quiet down the usual conversation of our mind and start asking questions from a deeper place. We may not think we know what we need, but we do know it somewhere, and intuitive self-reflection is a way of hearing the truth and bringing into awareness.”

The key to emotional health, and in turn physical health, is learning how to stay centered, no matter what life throws at us. It’s about learning to make better choices, and knowing we all deserve to be happy and healthy, have nurturing relationships and have a meaningful life by expressing our unique purpose. By ridding ourselves of toxic emotions — some we may have been carrying around for a lifetime — and learning a new, healthy way to live and love, we can find our center and know how to return to it when we fall off.

“If we have an inner state of wellbeing, where the mind is relatively quiet and the body is in comfort, we can evaluate, and listen to our bodies and minds to get
information from a deeper place,” Simons says.

When evaluating a decision in life, our mind and body will often generate signals, letting us know when something doesn’t feel right. The more centered we are, the more likely we will be able to recognize the signals, he notes.

“The more your baseline is centered, balanced and comfortable, the more sensitive you will be to going out of your center. But if your baseline is one of chaos, you won’t even notice you are out of balance.”

To learn more about upcoming Free to Love, Free to Heal workshops in 2010, click here.

  1. Hi my son is coming out of his third surgery after an accident in 2008. I want him to see someone who can help open his mind to the endless possiblities that are there. he is very rigid in his thinking and he needs to change his attitudes to heal emotionally . which program should i enroll him in?



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