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  1. I feel somewhat hopeless with this committment, since I’ve failed so many
    times at committing to better spiritual, financial, health endeavors, but
    I’m going to try again – someone said that “failure is the step before success”, so I’m focusing on that!
    It’s difficult to make one committment when there are so many areas of my
    life that need help, but the one I’m going to make is to committ to treating
    my body better – notice that I didn’t say to lose weight, to exercise more,
    to eat better, sleep better, etc, but it includes all of that, of course. My
    committment is to treat my body better in each and every choice that comes to me, and if that’s too vague, I could use help in clarifying it to myself, because all the other resolutions haven’t worked.


  2. The key word is Focus.

    The Focus must be on the goals I have realistically chosen. Once, I am convinced that these are my goals – the three steps become effortless.

    But, If My choice of goals is unrealistic – I may not take a single step.

    So the twin aspects are – (i) choosing realistic Goals and (ii) Focus.

    Success automatically follows.



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