Meditation to Play Key Role in Paradise Valley Addiction Center

This month in the beautiful Squamish Valley of Canada, the Paradise Valley addiction center is launching one of the only residential holistic treatment programs in North America. The Chopra Center has created the program curriculum, which weaves together the timeless teachings of ayurveda with cutting-edge research in neurology, psychology, and addiction treatment.

Paradise ValleyIn an interview with Canada’s Canwest News Service, Chopra Center co-founder David Simon said,

“We’ll be training teachers and staff to implement the programming. We’ll be having a close relationship to ensure people who are coming to the Paradise Valley Wellness Centre will have an authentic Chopra Centre experience while going through detox and transformation.

The Chopra Centre component will primarily focus on making certain everyone attending Paradise Valley Wellness Centre masters the process of meditation. There will be daily meditation. Twice daily yoga classes. There will be a rich two-part curriculum, one part focused specifically on the issues of people going through recovery and the second part focused on the mind body component and how to live a more balanced life.” Read the full article here.

Click here to learn more about Paradise Valley’s residential addiction treatment program


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