What’s Going on at the Chopra Center?

arizona-Night_Front_of_ResortHalf the staff of the Chopra Center has traveled to Phoenix, AZ for Journey Into Healing!

Deepak Chopra, David Simon, davidji and a team of guest experts will be guiding participants on an intensive four-day exploration of holistic medicine and Ayurveda, India’s ancient natural healing system. They will all be pampered in a relaxing group setting in the nurturing Arizona sunshine and will learn timeless practices and practical tools for physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Journey into Healing is a signature Chopra Center workshop that integrates the healing arts of the East with the latest advances in modern medicine. Whether you’re just beginning to explore holistic healing or are a seasoned practitioner, this experience will take you to new levels of understanding. To learn more about Journey Into Healing, please click here or call 888.736.6895.

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  2. My best friend and I suffered from allergies when we used to live back in our country. Ever since we moved to the US, the allergies kind of went away magically. Is there a reason for that?


  3. Dr. Chopra enjoying a great deal your book Quantum Healing. WE CAN AND WILL HEAL OURSELVES.

    I have some answers for you, as your silent questions spoke to my silence. I have been there beyond the thin weak barriers between active and silent intelligence.
    It was your analogy using bar magnets, paper and iron filings that silence spoke between the lines to me.
    An epiphany….and loud the silence! It is a picture in the mind and the thought that fills the silence. I have been there and in an instant can move between the two.
    You have taught me a great deal. Now let me extend the offering.
    A new elucidation of the atom reconciles relativity and quantum mechanics…..unification brings truth and enlightenment to all.



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