What Would You Like to Manifest?

Yoga on the beach.You are your deepest driving desires.
As is your desire, so is your will.
As is your will, so is your deed.
As is your deed, so is your destiny.

These prophetic words from the ancient Vedic text – the Upanishads – carry transformational power even now, 5,000 years after they were first written. Your desire can be your destiny – and through the power of acceptance, commitment, and, finally, manifestation, you move closer to your goals through daily conscious choice-making.

This month’s Agni newsletter celebrates our magnificent capacity to manifest our deepest desires through tapping into the stillness and silence that rests within. Essentially by tapping into your most divine self. So whether you have practiced these teachings for decades or are about to take your very first step . . . there is a path for you that will help you manifest whatever you want in life.

We co-create our personal and collective reality through our thoughts, perceptions, intentions, and awareness. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Where your energy flows, your life blooms and blossoms. Knowing that you have infinite creative potential, what would you like to manifest in your life this week, this month . . . this year?

We invite you to write down what you really, really want and post it here. By clarifying your desires and putting them into words, you will empower your intention with awareness and attention.

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  1. Perfect health, financial abundance, unlimited joy

  2. I would like to have the opportunity to receive yoga teacher trainings at the Chopra center. I would love to learn, utilize and then share the techniques of healing.

  3. I would like to spend my time doing more things that bring me pleasure. I tend to focus on goals and intellectual thinking. I’d like to learn how to just have fun, and also feel that I deserve to have fun. I do feel joy, when I’m around nature, so I’m not completely devoid of pleasure, but I don’t know how to spend leisure time just for the pure joy of it.

    1. I guess we are on the same wave length baucese this is what I just posted on facebook about relationships: If there are things that you can’t say for fear to end a relationship, then that’s not a good relationship. I much rather say the truth and end the relationship, that fake a smile and carry on. I’ve been this way since I was 3 yo and I always will be. Life is too short to be surrounded by superficiality and fake people.

    2. My wish is to help the environment and the society though my work.

    3. I´d like to manifest heling 4 me & others, abbundance, love and spirituallity

    4. To be focused on our mutual intention to relocate to Myrtle Beach SC, be attentive to the opportunities that WILL arise, and fearless in making the transition.

    5. I would like to focus my intention and energy more on the work i love so much.

    6. I would like to manifest becoming a Perfect Health Ayurvedic Being & Educator.

    7. I would like to manifest peace within, to live my life with love, to feel my creativity blossom to become a path to abundance and financial security.

    8. As a Natural Health Therapist I would like to spend more time that will bring me more pleasure but also find info that will enlighten my journey to the work that I do by creating a balance in body, mind and spirit .I would like to learn more about the Ayurveda philosophy.Being a teacher in Natural Therapy is also a challenge but would like to continue my journey with as much knowledge as possible . I want financial security and abundance as i continue my amazing work that I do .
      with love and light ,

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