Did You See Deepak Chopra on the Dr. Oz Show?

Deepak Chopra appeared as a guest on the Dr. Oz show yesterday, where he provided a clear and powerful introduction to meditation and holistic health care.  A few highlights:

  • Even five-year-olds can learn to meditate
  • Meditation can help you lose weight
  • Keys to ending insomnia
  • Why trying to “be positive” doesn’t make us feel better – and why releasing emotional toxicity does
  • How to experience an inner sense of well-being
  1. Dear Deepak,
    I have meditated before but now that i started back up i cannot determine if i am actually in the state.
    How can i tell? Also what was the vitamin supp combo you listed on Dr. Oz recently?
    You are a blessed gift to us all.
    Your grateful fan,
    Elizabeth Hall


  2. I would like you Dr.Deepak Chopra to demonstrate the meditation with the fingers and thumb closing
    your nose. You were on the Dr.Oz show
    Would you like to tell me the date and the time of the show.

    Thank You




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