Miss You Miss the Manifest Teleseminar? Here’s the rebroadcast!

If you missed yesterday’s amazing teleconference or would like to hear it again, you have an opportunity to replay the powerful message.

Click here to listen now!

  1. Dear Deepak,

    Yesterday while taking a detox bath (with basic bath salts), I was rereading your book “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire”. In response to your request for feedback on coincidences, I decided to visit your site today and tell you about a recent little experience in that field.
    On opening my mailbox this afternoon, I saw the usual Note From The Universe – and now I can report a second coincidence, as the Note announced Mike Dooley’s upcoming appearance at the Seduction of Spirit Seminar … :)

    The original coincidence was this. Six years ago, a daughter was born to some friends of mine who run a hotel. As is the custom where they live, they gave their family and friends a celebration gift, consisting of candied almonds and a wooden bear about 3 inches high, with movable head and limbs. What struck me at the time was that my bear had pastel blue paw soles & ears, although the baby was a girl.
    Anyway, fast-forward to last week. Two colleagues of mine were expecting their first baby (a boy) at the end of March. I was away for a long weekend on 23-26 March, staying at the hotel of the abovementioned friends. When I got back home, I picked up the bear (which had been sitting on a shelf next to my desk) & kind of subconsciously decided to give it to the colleagues for the birth of their son, The next day I placed it on the father’s desk at the office – and subsequently heard from another colleague that the son had already been born, and that he was called Ryan. Two days later, I received a delighted, astonished e-mail from the father – what a cute little bear he’d just found on his desk, it must be from me, and how amazing that it has a letter “R” on its tummy. He just couldn’t figure this out, as I had put the bear on his desk before I had learned his son’s name. I put it down to the clairvoyant “advice” of my soccer mascot (whose existence is one long string of coincidences). But I was even more astonished than the father himself. I had looked at that bear regularly while it used to sit on my shelf, and I quite frankly cannot recall ever seeing the pastel blue “R” on its tummy …



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