Yoga Q & A: What to do during savasana?


Why do we do savasana (relaxation pose) at the end of each yoga class? Also, during savasana, should I be meditating or using my Primordial Sound mantra?


An essential part of every yoga practice, savasana is not only a time to relax and let go of tension in the body, it is also a time to let go of tension in the mind. It calms the brain, cleanses the senses, and helps relieve stress. In addition, this relaxation pose rejuvenates the body, reduces headache, insomnia, and fatigue and can help lower blood pressure.

There are many different “styles” of savasana. Some teachers will lead students through a guided meditation, others will play calming music, and others will allow the class to relax in silence. This is not the time to repeat your Primordial Sound mantra, but rather to relax into your body and allow the benefits of your practice to be integrated into your body/mind/spirit experience.

We recommend that students bring their total awareness inside their bodies and enjoy the sensations which they have generated by consciously moving the life force through them. Savasana is also an ideal time to bring the Spiritual Law of the Day into your awareness and to set your intentions. The state of expanded consciousness you access through your yoga practice will support you in the spontaneous fulfillment of your deepest desires.


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