Marco Island just got a little more peaceful…

SYN beach bikeSeduction of Spirit has begun in beautiful Marco Island, FL. Davidji, our Dean of Chopra Center University, is starting off the event teaching 130 brand new meditators – then 120 more join the group tomorrow for a week of meditation, yoga, peeling away layers, diving deep, and discovering the most divine aspects of ourselves.

A total of 250 sweet souls scuba diving together in stillness and silence oh . . . and Deepak Chopra – our dive master and David Simon – the sufi master. All thisĀ  on the white-sand shores of Marco Island, Florida!

  1. I would LOVE to come but I am stuck in a loop of non-action.
    I will DIE if I don’t break this cycle.
    No man us an island


  2. Seduction of Spirit is my favorite Chopra Center Program. When I walked into my first course I was awestruck. I felt “at home.” The program exceeded all my my expectations. It was nourishing, reviving and stimulating. When I returned back to Denver people said “where were you?” “Wow, you look great.” Nothing like spirituality, inspiration, daily yoga and meditation. I’ve since recommended Seduction of Spirit to many of my students and they have all loved it.

    Can’t wait to visit The Chopra Center again soon.

    Lisa – Chopra Meditation Teacher – Denver, Colorado



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