Listen to davidji’s Present Moment Awareness Guided Meditation

DjiDavidji has created a guided healing meditation that will allow you to let go of your mind’s busy thoughts and drift into the peace and silence of present-moment awareness.

STREAM: Use the control panel below to stream the audio. Please be patient as the meditation may take a few moments to begin.

(Turn up your volume.)

DOWNLOAD: Right-click on the download link or (for Macs, use control click) and hit “save link as” to download the podcast to your computer. (~ 13 minutes)

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  1. Wonderful! This was an absolutely blissful way to start my morning! Thank you so much, namaste!


  2. Thank you. Absolutely helpful, the words I needed today, in this moment. Love<3


  3. Thank you. I’m glad I found this site.


  4. I thought there used to be a meditation discussion forum on this site but I do not find it now. I will ask two questions here (one relevant to the topic and one not) and hopefully someone will post either an answer, direction to the discussion forum or both.

    First, I do not understand the concept of ‘guided meditation or even music for meditation.’ I find it difficult enough to keep stray thinking out of my primordial meditation sessions without a constant third-party sound presence. I do not see how on earth anyone can obtain and support a meditative state with a tape playing voices or music?!

    Second, I cannot find in any of Dr. Chopra’s books how he specifically instructs on the ideal tempo of the mantra and how to best integrate breathing and the chant together?


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your thoughtful questions. We don’t have a specific meditation discussion forum on the blog, though you are always welcome to contribute your questions and thoughts as you have done here. As meditation is one of the core tools taught at the Chopra Center, we will consider having a specific meditation forum or area of the blog in the future where people.

      To address your first question, it will help to distinguish between the practice of Primordial Sound meditation and the use of guided meditations. As you write, Primordial Sound meditation is done in silence, without music or any kind of guided imagery or process. The purpose is to go within, beyond the noisy thoughts, emotions, and memories that usually fill our mind, into a state of deep restful awareness. We have found that the most powerful benefits of meditation come from having a regular daily practice. There are also times, however, when engaging in a guided meditation focused on a specific topic can be extremely valuable. For this reason, each month in our Agni Light newsletter, davidji offers a special guided meditation podcast on a particular topic, such as emotional release, physical healing, tapping into your creativity, etc. You can find the archive of guided meditation podcasts here. Though both are referred to as meditation, the two practices are completely different and not meant to be done simultaneously (though it could be beneficial to try a guided meditation immediately after you have completed your 30-minuted Primordial Sound meditation and your mind calm and receptive).

      Deepak doesn’t write about an ideal tempo of the mantra or how to integrate the breath with the mantra because neither of these concepts are useful in the practice of Primordial Sound meditation. There isn’t an ideal tempo to use and it’s not helpful to try to coordinate your breath and the repetition of the mantra; the important thing is to gently repeat your mantra without worrying about a specific pace and without trying too hard to concentrate. Sometimes the pace will naturally increase, and at other times it will slow down, even to the point of completely disappearing from your consciousness. When your mind is focused neither on thought nor on the mantra, you are resting comfortably in the space of pure consciousness, commonly referred to as “the gap.” In the gap, all sense of time and space disappears. This is a very healing place for the mind to rest, though again, it’s not something to strive after. It will happen naturally and increasingly as you continue with a regular, daily meditation practice. To learn more about meditation and find answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Chopra Center’s meditation page here.

      with love,
      The Chopra Center staff


    2. thank you so much for this present moment meditation, and all the wonderful tools available for us to grow on spiritually


    3. thanks so much for the blessed tools available to us to grow spiritually.


      Dr. Chopra enjoying a great deal your book Quantum Healing.
      I have some answers for you, as your silent questions spoke to my silence. I have been there beyond the thin weak barriers between active and silent intelligence.
      It was your analogy using bar magnets, paper and iron filings that silence spoke between the lines to me.
      An epiphany….and loud the silence! It is a picture in the mind and the thought that fills the silence. I have been there and in an instant can move between the two.
      You have taught me a great deal. Now let me extend the offering.
      A new elucidation of the atom reconciles relativity and quantum mechanics…..unification brings truth and enlightenment to all.



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