Whats Happening at the Chopra Center This Week?

calmWelcome all Primordial Sound Meditation teachers in training!

This week the Chopra Center’s instructor certification program is unfolding in the sweet spot of the universe – La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California. Led by davidji and the Center’s other master educators, the Primordial Sound Meditation instructor certification course gives participants extensive training in public speaking, presentation skills, and the incredible body of knowledge that fuses the Eastern healing arts with the best in modern medicine.

Each year Chopra Center University teaches a select group of applicants and certifies them as instructors of yoga, meditation, and ayurveda. Certified instructors gain the expertise, experience, and qualifications to successfully teach courses in mind-body health and spiritual growth.

Learn how you can become a certified instructor. Email Chopra Center University at learn@chopra.com or call 888.424.6772 x1639.

  1. Can’t wait I’ll be attending in November<3 !


  2. i remember when i was still in high school, i always fear public speaking engagments..,”



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