Join Deepak Today at 5pm PST: Teleseminar on “The Mind of God”

Marilyn Schlitz hosts this conversation with Deepak Chopra. How can we begin to fathom the Mind of God? Chances are it won’t look like the God taught in Sunday school. What will the deity look like? He/She/It will reflect our own state of evolution. Insofar as we understand our own consciousness, we will understand where it came from, which is God.

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  1. I was born in Milwaukee, WI the youngest of eight children into a Mexican heritage. I was raised in a polish community. We were the only one of are kind partially in our neighborhood. I was taught to speak English it was difficult to speak both for me considering English was the first language US. At home my mother and father were both fluent in Spanish. My mother spoke very little English my father however was very good at speaking both. In order for us to continue to live in the neighborhood or attend school we had to speak English. My family was given a hard time my father was from Mexico and my mother was born in the United States. As I continue to go to a private school I had to learn English. My kindergarten teacher had kept me inside for recess so I could learn my colors in English. As she kept pointing to the colors I kept replying in Spanish. Most of my play time or recess time was kept in for recess to learn my English words. My mother had to learn even though she understands what we were saying in English.
    It is interesting because now my own people are ask often, How come you don’t speak Spanish? You’re Mexican…Honestly not to be rude it is what I was told to, especially if I want to attend a very good school. Another interesting part is the Elementary school that I had attended is now bilingual. I love my family and friends I have met have accepted me for who I am. Sometimes my own people make me feel ashamed I have been told at my father’s funeral. It hurt me because my father was a wonderful man. Just like poncho, he led his own people to a better life and community. He instill that caring heart in me. I often have to remember that when I face my own kind.
    Here is a poem I wrote after studing on my culture history. It is a story in the chapter about “The Celestial weaving Girl”…A Love Story of a man and women wanting to be together. However the father would not allow them to be together. So the man would disguise himself as a bird a hummingbird to look after her. They could not resist each other so they ran off and married….I call it a “A Love Story of my culture”
    A Love Story of Culture Aztec and Mayan’s the life that was once given. The Earth, the word, the rain, the water and the jaguar sun. The trickling of water dripping into the cave. Where women were cleanse and awaiting a marriage of Love. Hummingbirds leaving a Gift of Nature. That is a new profound of everyday life, of Gods & Goddess. Precious work of riches golden ornaments, a image of Symbols a meaning full words…A Love Story of my Culture.
    “Happy Cinco De Mayo”
    Love, Christine



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