How to Let Go: 7 Affirmations for Practicing the Law of Detachment

detachFriday’s Spiritual Law of the Day is the Law of Detachment, which is about letting go of our need to control outcomes, our attachment to our desires, and – perhaps most difficult – our need to control other people.

In the Vedic tradition and other spiritual teachings, the path to freedom and happiness lies in letting go of attachment. This doesn’t mean disengaging from life, denying your passions, or living the life of a renunciate. The real nature of detachment is a loving, wise participation in life while maintaining the awareness of an inner core of peace and presence that is our true identity. This is the essence of the Spiritual Law of Detachment.

Why Attachment Hurts

Attachment is based on fear and insecurity. When you forget your true Self – which is pure consciousness, pure potentiality – you begin to believe that you need something outside of yourself to make you happy. It’s easy to think, “I’ll feel good when I have more money in the bank, lose 15 pounds, find my soul mate, pay off my bills, or (insert your current desire here). As you’ve no doubt discovered, getting what you want doesn’t bring security. At a deep level, you know that whatever is bringing you happiness can be lost and therefore has the potential to bring you pain.

The only way out of this dilemma is detaching. You set your intentions and take whatever action is needed, and then relinquish your attachment to the outcome.  Here are a few  powerful affirmations you can use to practice detachment in your daily life.  Choose one or two and practice saying them to yourself throughout the day:

  1. I consciously commit to flexibility and detachment.
  2. I allow myself and those around me the freedom to be themselves, without imposing rigid ideas of right and wrong.
  3. I live my life in a state of engaged detachment.
  4. I release the need to judge or criticize.
  5. I express myself honestly while releasing any need to impose my beliefs on other people.
  6. Whenever I notice that I am becoming emotionally attached to a point of view, I take a deep breath and come back to a more centered place.
  7. I embrace detachment by choosing to be free from the good and bad opinions of others.

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    since then we never talked, nothing went wrong but later when i tried calling him, he never answered nor ever called back.
    when we met, we both confessed our liking n love for one aother.
    I know he is very spiritual, does meditation, practices law of attraction too. i also know he is using law of detachment in our situation. He is a writer and an author too and i have read his book based of law of attraction and manifestation. so i can figure it out why he suddenly detached from me when he actually and already had showed his love for me nd said want to marry me. He is definitely using law of detachment here. Now i dont understand one thing, when we both know we like, love eachother, we r into eachother nd all. why he still feel the requirement to practice detachment on me???
    Now, my parents too are confused nd want me to consider other alliances nd meet them too.
    i trust dis guy and i know he is practicing detachment, but why? I love him nd i m in too deep…..i cant tell all dis to my parents cuz they dont know yet that v hav met already.
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