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Dear Beloved Extended Chopra Family:

I and my personal family ― Pam, Max, Sara, and Isabel ― would like to express our profound gratitude for the love and support you have been infusing into us. Despite the turbulence and uncertainty this challenge has swept us into, I feel deeply established in a state of peace and acceptance that life, as always, is unfolding perfectly. I was out of the hospital within 48 hours and after a couple weeks of recuperation, anticipate beginning my medical treatments, which fortunately are generally benign.

Because my thinking, speech, and functioning are fine, I intend to stay fully involved in Chopra Center activities for the foreseeable future. I am speaking and meeting regularly with my core team, and we are confident that the programs, workshops, seminars, trainings, and certifications will continue without interruption. I intend to continue teaching and fulfilling my clinical and executive duties. I am particularly enthusiastic about seeing you at upcoming seminars where we can create our beautiful consciousness-expanding communities.

As I consider the meaning of this experience, I can only share with you that everything we have been exploring together on the journey into healing, transformation, and awakening seems more important and relevant than ever. I’m not accessing a whole new field of thoughts, but rather my past ideas have been taking on a deeper sense of authenticity. Healing is about returning to wholeness and I am experiencing an effortless flow into deeper connectivity with my family, friends, community, and nature. The peace that pervades the cells in my body and the thoughts in my mind is succulently luscious and supports a sense of appreciation for every moment.
I encourage you to share this reminder of the beautiful delicacy of life with me. Take a few minutes today to feel the sun on your face, wiggle your toes in the grass or inhale the fragrance of a summer flower. Tell someone in your life that you love them unconditionally. Take a few moments to do something creative that brings you a wave of joy. Prepare yourself a delicious colorful meal, and savor it. Struggle less today and celebrate more.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with many of you soon. Although I have not yet been able to personally respond to the thousands of love-filled notes from around the world, know that my family and I feel and cherish your support.

In love,

  1. David and his very touching letter is such a tribute to the magnificent power of the written word. Unconditional love is something everyone deserves and welcomes
    love and healing. Our planet is currently crying for attention. Bless our oceans and all the creatures that live in it, and near it. Lets all send positive energy to stop the oil leak and heal our personal environment as well as the planet’s environment.


  2. David–When I first read about your situation…I cried. I really felt the sadness and I let the tears run down my cheeks. The next thought I had was..why was I crying? We have never meet but yet you have had a profound impact on my life. Your words, your actions, your life has made my life better. At that moment I realized we did know each other. Maybe not through a physical sense, but through our spiritual journeys. You have been a teacher to many, including myself. And I just want to thank you for that and wish you well.


  3. David when I read your first email describing your impending surgery I began to include you in my prayers for healing . Your kind words to me when I was at the Chopra center last spring were the beginning of my healing process. Through this you continue to be a great guide and teacher to us all. Take time to rest and heal .May your recovery be speedy and complete.Thank you for sharing your personal journey with us


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