More Tips for Reaching Your Ideal Weight

Bliss_Shake_SmallIn this month’s Agni newsletter we discussed the 7 steps to reaching your ideal weight, including eating for your individual mind-body type and becoming more aware of what and how you eat.

According to Ayurveda, breakfast should be a light meal, with lunch as the most substantial meal of the day. However, if you are looking to reach your ideal weight, breakfast can help you reduce the tendency to “snack” your way to the lunch hour. Studies also support the idea that our brains and our bodies need nutritional support in the morning for energy and clear thinking.

This delicious Morning Bliss Smoothie recipe can meet all your morning nutritional requirements while also being easy on the digestive tract. The aloe vera juice is also helpful for digestion, and soy powder gives a big protein boost. 

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Recipe for Morning Bliss Smoothie

Serves 1
5 whole almonds, with skins, soaked overnight in ½ cup water
2 teaspoons organic raw honey or maple syrup
1 ounce soy protein powder, plain or vanilla flavored
1 pinch cinnamon
1 medium banana, peeled and sliced (for a creamier shake,
peel, slice, and freeze the banana in advance)
1 cup low-fat vanilla soy milk
1 tablespoon aloe vera juice

Drain the almonds and discard the water. Place almonds in a blender, add the other ingredients, and blend until smooth. Use as a morning protein supplement and digestive aid.

Tip: If you soak the almonds overnight, they will be softer and easier to digest.
Nutritional information per 1¼–cup serving:
Calories 424
Total fat 6.8 g
Saturated fat 2.8 g
Carbohydrates 61.3 g
Protein 29.8 g

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