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Question: I know that everyone’s experience of meditation can be different, but I just have this need to know what is really going on. I have been meditating for a year or so, on and off, usually clearing

Meditation allows the mind to become clear and serene, like a pool reflecting the beauty of nature.

Meditation allows the mind to become clear and serene, like a pool reflecting the beauty of nature.

my mind and being silent for an hour, but  recent, I have started to meditate regularly, and feel a physical sensation, of my body vibrating and I seem to be free from my body and my head feels like its swirling around, its almost as if I am drunk! Though, I have to agree this is an amazing sensation like I am intoxicated, I feel fresh and awake after that.

Can you explain what is actually happening on the spirit level as my physical level goes through this? How is it possible that my mind, when it is silenced to such a deeper level, is able to cause this freeing of my body, when I know that I am not my mind or my body? How does it influence my body . . . or is it that my mind has been taken over by my spiritual self and it is indeed the spirit self that’s causing this? I would really appreciate it if you could relieve me from this curiosity.

Answer: Even though meditation is in one sense a mental process, because the mind and body are intimately connected, when the mind experiences silence, it affects the body and provides a corresponding degree of restfulness in its physiological functioning. It is this depth of rest that allows the body to normalize any imbalances that inhibit its full expression of health. What you experienced was a somewhat entertaining version of the very mundane process of the body’s release of stored stress and conditioning, and the consequent sense of rejuvenation and freedom afterward. It’s  a matter of understanding the interrelationship of the mind and body and how the two function symbiotically during meditation.

It’s important to keep in mind that what happens during a meditation session isn’t actually all that important. Where you really begin to experience the benefits of meditation is in all your daily activities. As you meditate regularly, you carry some of the stillness and silence with you into everything you do. Instead of being reactive and reflexive, you are more responsive and reflective.  You release constriction and become more creative, relaxed, and expansive.

  1. Meditation Journal – 21 Day Challenge by Deepak Chopra Center

    Day 7 – October 17, 2010

    What did I experience during my meditation today?

    I achieved momentary silence and stillness TWICE!

    I found that my most calm, serene moments, where I really felt the “float”, were during the waning of the single bell notes that were sounding from the Center. I felt as though my body were floating on each waning note. There was even one moment when I became aware of traffic noise that a motorcycle went by, and I found myself floating on that waning sound as well.

    I had thoughts. I thought of all the people joining me in meditation around the world. I thought about a laughing Buddha. I thought about how my friend Chiari wouldn’t be experiencing this meditation until tomorrow, because she was functioning a day behind in the 21 Day Challenge. I wondered why the background music in the meditation had changed from the first few days. And I thought about how I didn’t quite like the bell chimes at first. I saw the color brown.

    I felt sensations. My feet were cold despite my slippers. I became aware of my right thumb and how it was resting on the edge of my mouse pad… I could feel the “sharp” edge of the pad against the pad of my thumb, and I wondered why I hadn’t centered my hand on the pad. I became aware (as I always do) of how my hands seemed to feel as though they had become a part of my desk, as if they had sunk right into the wood and become a part of it. (During my morning meditation, I always sit at my computer, in a padded computer chair, either with legs crossed, or my feet resting on a ledge under the desk, and my hands palms down on the desk. Sometimes my right hand is on the mouse pad, and sometimes I push the mouse pad aside and place it also on the desk itself.) My stomach did in fact gurgle.

    My thoughts and feelings afterward: after meditating I not only feel calm, but very clear headed and full of energy. I immediately want to go outside, do yard work, indulge in a hobby (such as my photography). I am able to immediately and without stress, organize my thoughts and activities for the day. I am quick to smile, and feel more in tune with my family, friends and neighbors. I am happy.

    British Columbia, Canada


  2. sir,

    while doing meditation my body is rotating, sometimes it jurks.
    it means what happening to explain


  3. I experience chill during meditation. It has become a regular process, I start feeling cold then gradually it increases . There is always a feel good factor along with the chills, I don’t understand its good or not.


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