“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan Teams up with Deepak Chopra

There’s still time to register for the Journey into Healing workshop this February 16-20 in beautiful Vancouver!

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If your New Year’s goals include physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual awakening, the Chopra Center’s Journey into Healing workshop in Vancouver is a rare opportunity to learn with the masters.

For the first time, Cesar Millan will be a featured speaker at this signature event, where he will teach the practical steps for reconnecting to the body’s natural state of health and balance. Along with mind-body healing pioneer Deepak Chopra, the Vancouver premiere of this signature workshop include the Chopra Center’s medical director, Valencia Porter, M.D.; co-founder of the San Diego Cancer Research Institute, Daniel Vicario, M.D.; and Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, an internationally renowned ayurvedic physician and teacher.

  1. Hello!!! I hope you will be doing this seminar in LA since your both from the area… Any dates yet?


    1. Hi Debra Jo,

      There is a scheduled Journey into Healing workshop in the San Diego area this Sept 21-25. While Cesar Millan is not scheduled to be a guest speaker at that event, there will be a team of other world-renowned mind-body healing experts speaking, including Deepak.

      with love,
      The Chopra Center Staff


    2. Hi there, Is Deepak in Vancouver for all dates from Feb 16th to 20th? If not, which dates is he scheduled to be in Vancouver? thank you.



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