Deepak Discusses Mind-Body Health – New Article & Interview in Green Living Magazine

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The Chopra Center’s Perfect Health program is featured in this month’s issue of Green Living Arizona Magazine, including an article by Deepak about the timeless ayurvedic cleansing and renewal therapy known as panchakarma.

Here is Deepak’s interview with Green Living editor-in-chief, Tishin Donkersley

Green Living: What are the most common thoughts that block one’s inner peace?

Deepak: Regrets, grievances, and resentments from the past and anxieties about the future.

Green Living: How can we use our emotions to our advantage?

Deepak: Emotions such as loving kindness, joy at the success of others, compassion, and equanimity take us out of the ego self into our transpersonal self. They are emotions that bring about physical healing as well and increase our connection with the world.

Green Living: How has the electronic world contributed to inner disconnect?

Deepak: The electronic world is neutral and has not contributed to inner disconnect. People use the electronic world from the state of consciousness they are in. Those who want to connect, heal the planet, and foster relationships are using the electronic world to do just that.

Green Living: In a world where many focus on materialistic things to make them happy, how can one begin to turn away from the external and focus on internal happiness?

Deepak: If you realize that happiness comes from finding opportunities where others find problems and from finding creativity and meaning in your own life – and from making other people happy, you will discover the source of true happiness. Material things will make you happy but only transiently.

Green Living: How can one begin to learn to adapt to new circumstances and find happiness?

Deepak: It takes patience and perseverance. Focus on being in the present moment. Be open and receptive and have the intention to connect and you will be happy.

Green Living: As many people today are dealing with negative effects of the economic downturn, (job loss, homelessness . . . ), how do you recommend they remain positive?

Deepak: In every crisis there is the seed of a greater opportunity. Identify all the problems you are facing and ask yourself what is the opportunity here. Live those questions and life will move you into the answers.

Green Living: Is world peace attainable?

Deepak: I don’t know but it’s worth striving for.

Green Living: How did you formulate the Seven Practices for Peace?

Deepak: I tried them out myself and they work. Some of them are drawn from Buddhist practices.

Green Living: Where is your favorite place to meditate?

Deepak: I can meditate anyplace, anytime.

Green Living: Do you have a favorite mantra? If so, what is it?

Deepak: Yes I do, but I’m not telling.

Read Deepak’s article about Perfect Health here.

  1. Deepak has always shown us a way to inner peace. Perseverance, or persistance (as Pres. Obama refers to it) is the greatest tool toward it for me. Thank you, too, for sharing your hope for world peace–one can aspire to it. Namaste.


  2. I just stared a series of health tips on my blog that I learned from Perfect Health. Hope it helps spread the message –


  3. I have to thank to Dr. Deepak Chopra’s kindness and broadminded, giving few books to the Center of Research and Training Subconscious Power in Bangkok, Thailand while I was away to practice meditation in the cave in the north of Thailand.
    After reading his books, I accepted all his writing with love and the power of mind appeared in his words with beautiful writing.

    I believe and trust that he is the real GuRu of the east and the west on this planet. May the blessings
    of the Lord of the Universe fall on him and his family, be healthy, happy and peaceful.

    From: Dr. Boonlert Saisanit
    A Thai Certified Hypnotherapist in Bangkok, Thailand.



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