Ask Deepak: Intuition and the Manifestation of Desire


Question: How can you identify intuition from wishful thinking (hope) or fear? And what is the relationship between intuition, synchronicity and manifesting your desire in the presence of obstacles coming up?

Deepak’s response
Simple and accurate intuition is devoid of fear or hope. Intuition presents itself independent of our anxiety and anticipation. Synchronicity is a kind of external intuition where we glimpse the orchestrated workings of cosmic intelligence around us.

Manifesting our desires or intentions is a different phenomenon altogether. It involves sending a request to the universal intelligence in the silence of our awareness and then allowing it to fulfill that intention according to your highest purpose. Any obstacles in this process from the individual would involve blocks in awareness that prevent the experience of pure consciousness. Other obstacles would involve the proper timing for the fulfillment of the desire. But that isn’t really an obstacle as much as it is a lack of understanding of how our desires need to be coordinated with others in our environment.


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  1. Intuition comes in flashes sometimes to warn us of danger, to say or do something to comfort another, or to encourage an idea that will later manifest in the material world. In any event, it is not something that can be learned or repeated by reading a book. It is a “knowing” that often reveals itself at the precise moment when this information is needed. An example of a “mother’s intuition” is knowing her child is in danger before receiving a phone call. Another example is knowing someone has died before hearing about it on the evening news. Intuition just happens, it’s never planned, and should not be confused with the word instinct which is different.


  2. I suffer from premonitions very badly, to the point of being completely overwhelmed by bad signs and predictions and finding it very hard to function.

    It started with curiosity as I have family members with psychic abilities although I never had any such abilities myself until my mid thirties when a few synchronicities led to me reading up more on this and starting to tune into things around me.

    Not all, but the majority of synchronicities are very negative predicting disaster after disaster to the point I think that such misfortune is unlikely on its own. I believe in the law of attraction and try to be positive but I grew up in a very negative/pessimistic environment and suspect that some synchronicities are my conscious and unconscious fears showing up. While this thought brings me hope to interpret bad signs as fears only, when they turn out to be true, including things like health issues happening to family members (that are outside of me) I freak out. I even tried meditating to manifest overcoming being overwhelmed every time I get a bad synchronicity which took the edge off the things I would see but then I’d get things like my ears ringing at precise moments to predict a family member ending up in hospital and when this happened only days after my premonition I’d freak out even more.

    Is there a way to stop this? Its taken over my life. Is it possible my fears are showing up and then manifesting? I try to be positive and have even successfully used subliminal theta tapes to re programme my unconscious to expect positive events and stop ‘attracting’ negative events, the positive events manifest but then the bad signs that follow (and often turn out to be true) make it hard not to expect the next disaster when I see get repeated synchronicities about negative things occurring.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    Hello sir!
    I have been following your articles on and off in the sunday Times of india(news paper)since a couple of years and found them interesting. I have recently read your books, “The seven spiritual laws of success” and ‘SynchroDestiny’. Loved both of them.

    Would you please clarify me on Astrology and its influence in daily life. I have earlier read books by Linda goodman on astrology,sun signs which were convincing too.

    Is it true that the birth chart or kundali or Astro report/profile of a person determines a particular or a most probable destiny/ life story/ archetype? (for example so and so person born on this particular time,date and place will be having these so and so physical features and mental qualities and tastes,chosen profession,the kind of marriage- love or arranged,the quality of married life and so on)

    Most major events of my life have been according to my astrology report, like my chosen field of profession and interests in music,arts and sports my strengths and weaknesses etc. and i have even experienced countless seemingly miraculous and many insignificant coincidences manifesting in my life too.

    so would you please enlighten me on this topic (or ?scientific discipline)called astrology in the context of synchro destiny?
    Thank you!
    Happy and a prosperous new year to you!


  4. i have had several coincidences happen that i dont understand.

    i was in the grocery store. i opened a book on cat humor. it said hemingway could never have enough cats. i went home. first thing i did was open a magazine with an article about all the cats that live in his house-museum.

    why do these things happen to me all the time. how does that work,anyway.
    i keep trying to find out. i now read Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.

    have read other books by you. am a meditator for 20 years.


    1. I’ve had some BIZARRE coincidences also.I keep track of these coincidences & I find proof that they happened otherewize people might not believe me when I tell them about them.THAT’S how bizarre they are!


    2. I’ve identified the source of TRUE intuition.Intuition comes from the facial expressions & body language of pictures taken of people over time.Also intuition is subliminal information I pick up from people,places & circumstances.Also always trust your first impression of people,places & circumstances.& learn how to identify a false impression.People usually only encounter false impressions from pop stars & actors.



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