What Is Spirit? By Deepak Chopra

Asking “What is spirit?” is another way of asking “Who am I?” Your true Self is pure, infinite spirit. Spirit isn’t something outside you, but is intertwined in everything you feel, think and do. Looking for spirit, the Vedic sages observed, is like a thirsty fish looking for water.

Even when you know that your essential nature is spirit, you can easily be deluded by the incessant activity of your mind and ego . . . the continuous cascade of thoughts, sensations and emotions. The mind can get mired in a conditioned pattern of thinking, returning again and again to thoughts of anxiety, stress, depression and limitation.

In truth, you are always free. You can go beyond mental conditioning by using the timeless tool of meditation to expand your consciousness and access the field of pure potentiality. Meditation allows the mind to become quiet and experience the silence and peace of pure awareness. Numerous studies also show the many health benefits of meditation, including lowered blood pressure, stress reduction and increased immune function.

Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness
With a regular practice, the expansive awareness you enter during meditation begins to permeate your life outside of your meditation sessions. You might experience flashes of elation and notice feelings of well-being sweeping over you at unexpected moments. You will begin to walk with more buoyancy and feel a warmth and peace in your heart. These are all signs that you are opening to spirit.

Dont meditate aloneTo experience the benefits of meditation firsthand, we encourage you to join us for the Chopra Center’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. The Summer Challenge begins August 15.  Register for free here.

  1. I learned the 1st Tran. Med. mantra/mental japa technique circa 20 years ago & spent 6 months in
    Fairfield, Iowa circa 1993. I remember hearing the mention of the “bliss technique” & “primordial
    sound”. Dr. Chopra’s technique utilizes a 3 mantra phrase starting “sri………”. Is this the equivalent
    of the basic TM technique plus 1 or 2 “advanced techniques” as are referenced by TMers?

    The TMOrg. now charges $1500 for basic & advanced techniques so Primordial Sound is more reasonable. Is “Seduction of Spirit” the equivalent of TM “residence (rounding) courses” or the
    TM “siddhis” course?


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