The Chopra Center Recommends: A Relationship Teleclass with Marianne Williamson

m.w.Relationships as a Spiritual Adventure: A Three-Part Teleclass Series with Marianne Williamson

Beginning August 17, renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author Marianne Williamson will be offering a special, live teleclass series.

A Message from Marianne:

Dear Friends,

According to A Course in Miracles, relationships are “assignments” in which people are brought together for maximal and mutual growth opportunity. Our relationships can be trips to heaven or trips to hell, depending on how we ourselves choose to interact with another person. Knowing the principles of loving relationship — recognizing the spiritual lessons afforded us by each encounter — gives us skill and even mastery at this basic human experience.

It is through relationships that we either rise to our most creative possibilities in life, or fall into the patterns of fear that would consistently hold us back. In this three part series of ninety minute calls, I will reflect on the spiritual and psychological principles that give us the light and understanding to emotionally soar.

Register for Relationships as a Spiritual Adventure here.

Teleclass Schedule:
Wednesday, August 17th: Relationships as Holy Encounters
Wednesday, August 24th: Intimate Love as a Calling of the Soul
Wednesday, August 31st: Forgiveness and the Power of Starting Over

6-7:30 p.m. (PST)

Playback of Teleclass:

The teleclasses will be recorded and available to all registered participants for playback. If you are unable to listen to the teleclass live due to schedule conflicts or time zone differences, you can still listen to this teleclass series. Access to listen will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the completion of each teleclass.

Cost: $55

Learn more about Marianne’s other events and lectures here.

  1. How do i register


    1. Hi Linda,

      You can register by going to this page:

      The Chopra Center Staff


    2. hello,
      i am interested in hearing your teleclasses on relationships. i am currently a student at institute for integrative nutrition and have been on a journey of well being and spiritual growth. I found this on deepak chopra’s website and would love to hear it. please let me know how i can hear your teleclass.
      thank you.

      amy byrne



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