Oprah to interview Deepak Chopra for her new television show


This month Deepak Chopra is on a speaking tour in his homeland of India, where Oprah Winfrey will interview him for her TV show Next Chapter, which features in-depth interviews with news makers and celebrity icons ranging from politicians and authors to scientists and spiritual leaders. Next Chapter debuted on the Oprah Winfrey TV network (OWN) on January 1.

On Twitter last week, Oprah posted, “Never been to India, it’s been on my vision board forever.”

Deepak and Oprah are both featured guests at the Jaipur Literature Festival a celebration of national and international writers. The festival will include readings, talks, literary lunches, debates, performances, children’s workshops, and other activities.

Oprah’s interview with Deepak will take place at Jaipur’s City Palace and will air on OWN later in the year.   Stay posted for dates and times.

  1. Robert
    Go to Chopra.com-Lots of info about the center!


  2. Hey Oprah,

    I have been a big fan of yours for 25 years and and watched you daily. I am also a big fan of Dr. Chopra’s and sure wish I could view your interview, however, your network is not viewable in Memphis in the basic cable lineup. Do you have any pull with Comcast Communications? Maybe you could get them to allow your network into their basic cable lineup and those that can’t afford the expensive cable vision could view your network! (?) Thank you so much. Wishing you Our Father’s blessings. Sincerely, Marcy Richards


  3. This should be interesting, can’t wait to hear it! xxx


  4. Hello Opra, I am one of your biggest fans, even though we have never met i feel we are best friends
    You are truly a wonderful human being, I am inspired by your kindness that you have show over the years. I am also a big fan of Deepak Chopra and will be attending his center in June for the seminar entitled “Heal the Heart”. I will be looking forward to the interview
    Much Love and Blessings


  5. Pure bliss! Two of my favorite beings. If you added Wayne Dyer it would be Nirvana!


  6. am regular follower of deepak and winfrey. admire them, recommend them to friends who wish something what they stand for. i welcome the comments and criticisms wish that they who come with something that will empower the weak and the needy. contribution from every one the world needs to find ends meet oprah is a searcher/seeker, my friend quiped, may i add the search is ongoing…..chopra is trying to put ancient wisdom into something american can understand. this is integral progress, not dualistic, we are all part……..


  7. Hello Oprah Winfrey:

    I do acknowledge that you do practice the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation method and that you and countless others enjoy it alot and benefit from it enourmously–which is really great!!

    Yet my question is, did Deepak Chopra (the founder and developer of Primordial Sound Meditation) interview you?? Did you ever also hear about PSM or Primordial Sound Meditation anywhere?? Have you tried PSM??

    I am most curious and fascinated–especially in finding out about the difference between the effects if TM and PSM.

    Please respond back to me and let me know.

    Thank you so very much!


    Joe Brooke
    Mesa, Arizona

    P.S. God Bless You! Oprah, I do insist that I realize that both TM and PSM may be both extremely wonderful, along with that I do acknowledge that no one from the Chopra centers ever recommends PSM over TM to anyone.

    Also, have you ever considered some day taking any of the advanced TM-siddhis courses??



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