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meditate mudras MediumDear Deepak,

Sometimes when I meditate I get a really ticklish sensation in my heart area – it simultaneously makes me want to laugh but there is also sense of anxiety or fear attached to it. If I keep sitting – I just feel like my heart has opened up and I feel a part of me is very vulnerable/scared, but at the same time another part of me feels very soothed. What could this mean?

Deepak responds:
One can have almost any type of physical sensation during meditation in any area of the body. Because the mind and body are so closely connected, when the mind experiences more expansion in meditation, the body gains a deep enough state of rest to normalize any imbalances that may be stored in the body. The ticklish sensation in your heart just means that some normalization is occurring there, allowing for a more full expression of your emotions. The sense of anxiety or fear is a by-product of that clearing process. Don’t give these sensations and feelings too much importance. It is a valuable process, but don’t focus on it; simply return to the meditation process.



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  1. Thank you Deepak, This has helped me make sense of the anxiety as I tend to stop meditating when the anxiety occurs. Thank you to the lovely person who asked this question. xoxox


  2. I have been meditating regularly since experiencing Journey Into Healing last September. I feel peaceful while meditating but have become anxious and fearful during the rest of the day. Glad to know I am not alone, but I really don’t like the feeling of anxiety.


  3. I love that ticklish feeling which brings so much elation in the heart center. I tend to try to focus and expand on that feeling, the anxiety usually dissipates when I do this. I agree completely with what Dr Chopra says about acknowledging the presence of the sensation, be it fear or anxiety, but not shifting your attention to it.



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