Take a Creative Leap, by Deepak Chopra


7 Steps to Awaken Your Creativity

Every creative act requires a leap in awareness – a quantum jump from one pattern of thinking to an entirely new one, without progressing through incremental steps. In one moment a creative idea doesn’t exist, and in the next, it is part of our conscious world. In between, where was the idea? It came from the field of pure potentiality, which gives rise to everything in the universe. Creativity is a process of transforming the raw energy, information, and material of the universe into something that has never before existed,

Whether you are creating a new business, an original piece of music, or a relationship, creativity requires a quantum leap in awareness. The ability to make this leap isn’t reserved only for the rare genius or lucky individual. We all have unlimited creative potential because our essential nature is pure consciousness. I have found the following seven steps for awakening the creative response invaluable in my own life. Become conscious of these steps and use the creative response whenever you are facing an issue or challenge in your life.

1. Intended Outcome
Develop a clear vision of what you want. State your intended outcome in positive language rather than in terms of what you don’t want. Instead of declaring, “I want to stop feeling so tired and run down,” say, “I have a healthy body with abundant energy.” Write down your intentions and review them regularly − the ideal time is just before you meditate.

2. Information Gathering
Learn everything you can about the challenge at hand, using as many sources as possible. Read books, use the Internet, go to workshops, and speak with friends, family, and new acquaintances. As you gather information and ideas, pay attention to the sensations in your body, noticing whether they generate feelings of comfort of discomfort.

3. Information Reshuffling and Analysis
As you cull information from various sources, your mind will reshuffle the data on both conscious and subconscious levels, formatting it in whatever ways are most useful to you. Your mind will automatically look for patterns to help you gain a new understanding of the issue.

4. Incubation and Meditation
Now that you have formed your intentions and gathered and reshuffled your information, now is the time to let go and allow something entirely new to arise in your awareness. In the incubation stage, you use meditation to go beyond the rational mind and access an expanded state of consciousness.

5. Insight
You will experience insight or a creative leap when the conditions are right. Your perception and interpretations completely shift and you have a new inner vision of whatever issue you are considering.

6. Inspiration
With insight comes the spontaneous generation of inspiration. Your entire mind-body becomes energized and you experience passion, exhilaration, excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. You know in your mind that your insight is true and you feel in your body that the insight is right.

7. Take Action on Your Insight
The next step is to translate your insight into action . . . to implement and integrate the insight into your thinking and behavior. You incarnate the change in your body and you are transformed into a new person.

Remember that the source of all creativity is consciousness. The more consciousness you have, the more potential you have to create. As you meditate, awaken to the present moment, and set up the conditions for taking a creative quantum leap, you will experience greater energy, love, and joy in your life.


Another Idea to Jump-Start Your Creativity

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  1. Someday soon I will have the finances to be able join all you inspirational people[of like mind] at one of your beautiful retreats. I am focused on being there. I have just self-published my first children’s book and I want to give back on a large scale, to a children’s foundation. I know I will get there and I also know it is my dream to help unfortunate children everywhere. My book is a story of a young boys compassion and sharing with those around him.


  2. I took a creative leap today by committing to studying with the Chopra Center to complete certification in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and to be certified as a Vedic Master. Insight into action ! I ‘m excited. The Chopra Center has changed my life and I continue to grow and learn from them in the most nourishing ways.


  3. I think sooner or later every single person will experience this creative leap. Personally I have felt this joy, felt that the insight is right and everything else but not always take that insight into action.

    We should remember that creative leaps as many more things are limitless and should take into action those that make us feel right and would be beneficial for more people and our planet.

    Have a nice day.


  4. Dear Deepak,

    I must first and foremost thank you for being such an inspiration for yourself and others. Additionally, for helping others to be unified with themselves.

    I would like to add if I may that the very first step of activating the conscious into the non-conscious is because it will always gives us the answer or guide to what we may be searching and I come to realize that the steps that you have listed are simply ways to activate that consciousness and to communicate with the non-conscious( I call it this way because I believe that all part of us are active and conscious even though we may not realize it, however that non-conscious, conscious part do communicate differently from the conscious, conscious part) thus which bring me to the conclusion of the seven steps. This has also made me realize the powerful combination of thoughts and action for greater thoughts manifestation.

    Thank you sir,



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