Meditation Q&A: Sensations During Meditation

I am totally new to daily meditation practice and I have really enjoyed participating in this Mind-Body Odyssey  21-Day Meditation Challenge. Thank you for sharing it with everyone! My question is related to something that happens with my body while meditating. During most meditations my right eye starts to water quite heavily. I cannot tell why this is happening. Perhaps I am squinting or doing something weird with it while I am trying to focus on the meditation. It’s not painful, just strange. Do you know why this might be happening and do you have any tips to help me prevent it? Thank you for your help.


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Dear Rachelle,
Thanks for your question.  First, we would like to reassure you that meditation is a profound practice for releasing accumulated stress in the body. This release can manifest in a variety of ways during a meditation session, including falling asleep, small muscle twitches, and other sensations.  As long as there are no other symptoms and the eye watering you’re experiencing  only happens during meditation, it’s not likely anything to worry about, and will probably decrease over time.

We recommend that you stay with the process and let the experience unfold.  During your meditations, if you notice your eye watering, simply observe that fact and return to the object or focus of your meditation without trying to figure out why it’s happening and without trying to stop it.  Treat it as you would any other thoughts or sensations that arise during meditation – when you become aware that your awareness has drifted to your eye (or anything else), gently return your attention to the meditation object, whether that is your breath, a mantra, or a something else.

If you feel inclined, outside of your meditation practice, to explore what message your watering eye is sending you (if any), you could try journaling on that question. Ask your inner wisdom, “What is the message my eye is wanting to share?” and let yourself write freely, without censoring yourself.  Given the common association of tears with sadness and release, it’s possible that you may be releasing some past grief or emotional upset, but without knowing your full story and health history, it’s not possible to say for sure. Just know that meditation is a valuable tool for releasing what no longer serves you.

With love,
The Chopra Center Staff

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful meditation experience with the mind body meditations. When will this meditation series be available on cd?



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