Ask Deepak: Two Questions About Meditation


Two questions about meditation. First off, is there any differences between the types of meditations? Such as breath meditation, mantra meditation, heart meditation. I own a copy of your Secrets of Meditation audio, and it seems each session is something different. Do they all result in the same thing, or is the effect of each of them different? My second question is that recently it feels like my meditation practice isn’t as peaceful as it used to be. I can remember times when I would meditate and my whole body would feel calm, and when I would come out I would be peaceful and anywhere from just simple and happy to exuberantly happy (with the Chopra Center’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge). Now none of that is there really. It feels like I am just sitting there repeating the mantra, and it feels the same as when I went in, or sometimes more aggravated over some things or thoughts when I come out. It’s frustrating to say the least. Am I doing it wrong? I could use some advice.

Deepak’s Response:

There are many types of meditation practices, breath ones, silent ones, visual ones, guided ones, standing ones, etc. Your mantra meditation is designed to give you the experience of your true self and in the process clear away the old conditioning that inhibits you from having that self-awareness at all times. The phase you are at now is temporary and indicates that you are clearing away some blocks and once they have been released your experiences will again be more deep and peaceful.


  1. Sir ji, I do get giddiness while doing meditation by concentrating over inside of the nostrils.
    Kindly suggest me to overcome the condition and how to be able to sit without any giddiness.



  2. Part of any meditation practice is learning to accept one’s limitations. Early on, there can be a great deal of discomfort and much questioning. This is normal and expected. The egoic mind resists letting deeper sources of insight rise into awareness. The ego battles centered states of consciousness out of fear of annihilation. Working past these obstructions takes time and commitment. The ego’s goal is to get the Self to question the value of meditation and quit doing it. The response must be to persist despite the feelings of frustration and apparent lack of progress. Know that within the mind changes are taking place even if nothing seems to be happening. In due time the wiser Self will gain strength, and the ego will become less dominant. The goal is not to eradicate egoic consciousness, but to recognize it as a subsidiary part of the larger Mind. This takes time and cannot be deliberately forced. But it will happen with continued practice. Just be patient and continue…


  3. I noticed that recently when my wife meditate her head is spinning.Could you guide me on this matter.
    It’s good sign or how?


  4. during my meditation today I saw, in my mind`s eye, the statue of a Bhudda sitting beside me on my left.
    Is there an explanation?

    kind regards.



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