Meditation Q&A with Deepak: Is Meditation Needed for Spiritual Growth?

Blue-shirtDear Deepak,

Some people have said to me that meditation isn’t necessary for spiritual growth. I have hear you say that meditation, purification & attention are the main ingredients for obtaining enlightenment. Isn’t there something that meditation can do that purification & attention “alone”  can not?

Deepak’s answer:
Meditation isn’t necessary if one’s awareness is permanently established in self-referral consciousness. If the silent witness is fully awake to every experience night and day and all aspects of life are fully supported by the infinite energy and intelligence of the cosmos, then a spiritual practice isn’t required.

What an effective meditation practice can offer that attention and purification techniques can’t is the ability to take you out of the mental process itself. The unique importance of meditation is in its paradoxical function of using the mind to transcend the mind. For it is only by stepping outside of the activity of thinking and doing that we know our Self, our true essential nature beyond time, space and causality. That experience is the sine qua non of spiritual growth. This direct contact with one’s inner nature is more important than all the spiritual conceptualizing, philosophizing or beliefs we may focus on. With the experience of the Self, the practices of attention and purification become truly effective.


  1. really wish i had learned the power of meditation as a child. it would have eased a lot of things i went through a s a child. i thank every day there is people like you that help others learn of its power. thank you very much…


  2. Something really weird just happened to me when I started to meditate. I felt a sensation of being high at first, which became stronger and stronger over a very short time. I then started feeling a really strong pulling to both sides. Like a very fast vibration maybe. It was very very strong and I had to open my eyes for a second. That did not change it and I was a little nervous about what was happening. I decided to trust that it would be ok and I continued meditating, or more mentioning the things that I intent to create. It was very spontaneous without much thought. The strong pulling feeling stopped so then I just carried on with the meditation. Afterwords I still felt a light vibration through my arms and hands and a cold feeling all around me. I didn’t want to move for a while. Just sat trying to understand it. What could it have been?


  3. Dear Deepak

    Can you help me understand the meaning in english for the Mantra Om Kum Namah? I used it for my meditations.

    I am fully agree with you that meditation is a good tool to connect with you divinity when you are not fully awareness,





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