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KimKardashianWe were so happy to hear one of our biggest fans, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, rave about the Chopra Center to the Star 94.1 DJ’s. She mentioned that when she comes to San Diego, the Chopra Center is her favorite place to visit!

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Djidavidji rocks!
by DRHackett

“Open your mind to all possibility”

Amazing, Soothing Voice, Extremely Insightful
by Hollyhags

“I love these meditations. They help tune in to you emotions and your body. Has a wonderfully soothing voice…you feel like you could reach out and tough him! he has been incredibly helpful.”

Simply Beautiful
by leilasworld

“A wonderful beautiful way to start every morning (or whenever you have time) the meditations are soothing, deeply relaxing and very positive and best of all short (approximately 15 minutes). If you are one without a lot of time to spare. Thank you so much for giving us these podcasts and have a blessed day!?

Pure Awesome
by misterdu

“The best. Simple to follow and fun to do. I can’t get enough of them.”

Relaxing yet compelling
by jjade

“These are great meditations!”

Thank you. Wonderful!
by Travelnotcity


Wonderful Podcast
by Isaacalves

“These are some of the best meditations out there. Well designed and produced.”

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Dji_Web2It was around this time last year when – as I was re-reading The Ten Commitments by David Simon – I decided to make them personal and commit to make 2009 the most amazing year of my life.

What exactly did that even mean? I sat down and carefully read Deepak’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and made a commitment to read each day’s law and weave it into my day. I then made a commitment to take a look at my choice-making. I wanted to live each day with more grace and ease. Recognizing that every decision I make EVERY day is a choice between a grievance and a miracle, I wanted to celebrate with the universe not complain about it . . . so in 2009, I chose the miracle. WoW!

We work in a loving, nurturing place that serves people from all over the world. Some days are easy and some days are hard – that’s the beauty of life. Knowing we have the love and support of those we work with makes all the difference. By loving each member of our family even more and helping them achieve their dharma, the family gets stronger, our personal dreams are realized, and the world is served more profoundly.

We work in the sweet spot of the universe filled with powerful energy, gorgeous weather, and the magnificent ocean prana that we get to breathe each day. We also get to reflect daily and look at how far we’ve come in our personal growth, our career, and our relationships.

Our connection to spirit grows and blossoms and blooms each day through our various practices, and we can make a difference in the world by sharing our energy and continuing to transform ourselves to BE peace.

The Chopra Center continues to experience boundless abundance through its healing programs, empowering seminars, meditation retreats, teacher trainings, massage therapies, daily classes, and lifestyle products. Each of these is only as special as we make it. The Center’s founders, Deepak and David, have chosen to commit their heart and soul to the abundance of the Center. I am grateful for so much that is beyond words.

So here I sit on November 1, 2009, ready to turn my good intentions into amazing choices.

Will you join me in committing to make these next two months and the ensuing 2010 the most amazing and fulfilling year of your life?

Send me an email if you’re in!!
Peace. – davidji

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This month’s Agni Light newsletter is now available, featuring a free guided meditation podcast with davidji.  Learn how to release your obstacles to abundance. Read Agni Light here.

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All the guests have been checked in and prepared for a mind-blowing experience at SynchroDestiny! The workshop is unfolding at the Ponte Vedra Inn in beautiful  Florida. The staff has been so kind in helping guests have an amazing time.

Our lead educator at the Chopra Center, davidji, introduced new meditators to the timeless practice of Primordial Sound Meditation. Other highlights of the day included a relaxing chair-yoga session led by Clair Diab – the director of the Chopra Center’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga program.

Tomorrow guests will experience a sunrise meditation and more Chopra Center goodies!

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In October issue of Agni celebrates abundance in all its forms– love, money, creativity, wellbeing, happiness, and spiritual awakening. You can fulfill your dreams in every area of your life by connecting to the source of abundance: the field of pure potentiality or pure consciousness. Read the issue here.

Featured this month:

  • Deepak’s column: The Secrets to Unlimited Abundance
  • David Simon writes about committing to abundance
  • Tips for creating abundance from the inside out
  • Try our delicious Pad Thai recipe

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