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Question: Will I need to meditate for a certain number of weeks ― or months ― before I can begin notice the benefits of my meditation practice?

Answer: From the first time you sit down to meditate, you begin to benefit. If you continue to meditate on a regular basis, transformation will unfold at whatever pace is most comfortable and appropriate for you. Some people notice benefits immediately, while others may meditate for weeks or months before they really see the changes. Sometimes our friends or family members notice how we’re changing before we do!

As long as you are meditating on a regular basis, transformation is happening. It’s like the process of bleaching a cloth in the sun . . . you repeatedly wash the cloth and let it dry in the sunlight. Each time, the material changes imperceptibly until the cloth is pure white.

I am seeking vibrant health.

The Perfect Health Panchakarma Program: Our signature six-day healing program where you will experience Panchakarma detoxification therapy, daily ayurvedic massage treatments, a mind-body medical consultation, and instruction in the healing practices of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda.

Journey Into Healing: A mind-body workshop that interweaves the most recent discoveries of modern Western medicine with with the healing arts of the East. An opportunity to learn with some of the world’s most renowned pioneers in integrative medicine.

I want to discover emotional wellbeing.

Free to Love: A three-day life transforming emotional healing workshop featuring Dr. David Simon.

Free to Heal: A six day emotional release process that also includes ayurvedic healing therapies to nourish your body and soul.

I want to connect with my spiritual nature.

SynchroDestiny: A self-empowerment workshop that teaches you how to harness the power of intention, coincidence, and attention to fulfil your greatest dreams and desires.

Seduction of Spirit: Out classic six-day meditation retreat – a celebration of Primordial Sound Meditation and Ayurveda.

A Weekend Within: A introductory workshop that teaches you the fundamentals of meditation and Ayurveda. Featuring Deepak Chopra, M.D., David Simon, M.D., and davidji.

I want to teach.

We offer teacher certification in the following three areas:

Yoga Teacher Training
Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher Training
Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Teacher Training

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SYN beach bikeSeduction of Spirit has begun in beautiful Marco Island, FL. Davidji, our Dean of Chopra Center University, is starting off the event teaching 130 brand new meditators – then 120 more join the group tomorrow for a week of meditation, yoga, peeling away layers, diving deep, and discovering the most divine aspects of ourselves.

A total of 250 sweet souls scuba diving together in stillness and silence oh . . . and Deepak Chopra – our dive master and David Simon – the sufi master. All this  on the white-sand shores of Marco Island, Florida!

Deepak ChopraA classic question from the “Ask Deepak” archives . . .

Which is the most effective approach to manifest our desires spontaneously: to be as specific as possible or as general as possible? I’m looking for a job, and I’ve been trying to be as specific as possible about what kind of positions and duties that I want to be involved in, but so far the right job for me has yet to materialize. Should I  be more general in setting my intention for a new job instead, so that there will be more options available?

Specificity in your desires is important because it gives a clear framework for the desire to manifest into. Specificity of desire is not what limits our options; it is our perception that limits available options.  It’s necessary to keep an open mind about the way in which your desire will be fulfilled.   You may have a particular desire in mind, and nature or the universal field of consciousness organizes the fulfillment of that desire  through a different channel or  from a different direction than you have been looking. If you are not receptive and alert, you may miss the opportunity that is given to you only because it didn’t come in exactly the package you expected.

With respect to your job search, if you are not getting any responses to the positions you are asking for, I think it makes sense to expand your range of job positions within your area of expertise. If you find that you are not getting support initially for the job you desire, you may find that nature can orchestrate the right job for you once you get hired. Sometimes the big step is just getting your foot inside the door. Once you are hired and your strengths are seen, you might be in a better position to navigate your way to the kind of job you really want and will enjoy.

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Join Deepak at the SynchroDestiny workshop, where he will teach you how to harness the power of intention, coincidence, attention, and desire to create the life you really want.   SynchroDestiny will be offered just two more  times in 2010:

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