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Deepak ChopraA classic question from the “Ask Deepak” archives . . .

Which is the most effective approach to manifest our desires spontaneously: to be as specific as possible or as general as possible? I’m looking for a job, and I’ve been trying to be as specific as possible about what kind of positions and duties that I want to be involved in, but so far the right job for me has yet to materialize. Should I  be more general in setting my intention for a new job instead, so that there will be more options available?

Specificity in your desires is important because it gives a clear framework for the desire to manifest into. Specificity of desire is not what limits our options; it is our perception that limits available options.  It’s necessary to keep an open mind about the way in which your desire will be fulfilled.   You may have a particular desire in mind, and nature or the universal field of consciousness organizes the fulfillment of that desire  through a different channel or  from a different direction than you have been looking. If you are not receptive and alert, you may miss the opportunity that is given to you only because it didn’t come in exactly the package you expected.

With respect to your job search, if you are not getting any responses to the positions you are asking for, I think it makes sense to expand your range of job positions within your area of expertise. If you find that you are not getting support initially for the job you desire, you may find that nature can orchestrate the right job for you once you get hired. Sometimes the big step is just getting your foot inside the door. Once you are hired and your strengths are seen, you might be in a better position to navigate your way to the kind of job you really want and will enjoy.

Do you want to learn more about manifesting your deepest dreams and goals?

Join Deepak at the SynchroDestiny workshop, where he will teach you how to harness the power of intention, coincidence, attention, and desire to create the life you really want.   SynchroDestiny will be offered just two more  times in 2010:

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If you want to fulfill your deepest dreams and desires, join us in the sweet spot of the universe for the SynchroDestiny workshop. This January while most of the U.S. copes with sub-zero weather and snow, you can be transforming your life in the warm California sunshine. At SynchroDestiny, you have a rare opportunity to spend four days learning with two of the most successful, innovative leaders in the field of mind-body medicine and personal development – Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon. They will teach you how to harness your creative potential, go beyond self-limitations and fear, and create with effortless ease.

This SynchroDestiny, starting January 27th, features amazing entertainment by Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters!

Danyavaad plays live original Middle Eastern flavored music featuring the electric sitar and tribal drum beats. Danyavaad creates an atmosphere of Middle Eastern lounge mixed with Indian vibes and rock. The unique songs of Danyavaad are originals by San Diego’s Guitarmageddon Champion Greg Vaughan, tribal drummer Gabriel Penix, and DJ/bassist Sandy Bagri. Danyavaad means ‘thank you’ in Hindi.

Shimmy Sisters

The Shimmy Sisters (Leilainia and Adelaide) embellish aspects of creativity and art in their inspiring bellydance performances. Their diverse show may include snakes, swords, candles, fire fingers, isis wings, glow hula hoops, and traditional bellydance props such as veils and zils. They were born into a culture of creativity by their bellydancing mother and artist/musicianfather.

Also, as a special treat, Mark Lamson a highly acclaimed percussionist, drum set player, ensemble director, recording artist, performer; producer; educator and clinician, will be leading the drum circle. Born in Boston, Mark moved to San Diego at the age of eight and started drumming when he was 10. Over the last 20 years, Mark has developed into one of the region’s most recognized authorities on different types of percussion from around the world- most specifically those of  Brazil and Cuba. Mark is the Director of  Solemar, a Brazilian/Latin music collective of which he was one of the founding members in 1985. In addition to serving as an adjunct faculty member at San Diego State University, Mark has served for over ten years as a teacher for California Brazil Camp and Humboldt State University’s Explorations in Afro-Cuban Drum and Dance —-the two most prestigious and authentic workshops of this nature in the United States.



To learn more about SynchroDesinty from one of our Program Consultants, please call 888.736.6895. You can also find more infomration and enroll online by clicking here!

Find this simple 3-step process  and more in our January Agni Newsletter.

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If you missed the SynchroDestiny Teleconference, we are giving you a final opportunity to replay the powerful message here.

Dont miss the SynchroDestiny Teleconference with David Simon, M.D. and lead educator davidji on Wednesday, December 23 | 9:00 am (PST)

On this special teleconference, David Simon and davidji will explore the powerful principles of SynchroDestiny and help you take the first step towards making 2010 the most amazing year of your life. The power of SynchroDestiny will allow you to:

  • Overcome limitations and take your life to the next level
  • Connect with the creative power of nature
  • Use the power of intent to fulfill your desires
  • Tap into your deepest source of power
  • Attract people inspired to support you
  • Eliminate anxiety
  • Expand your capacity for happiness
  • Solve any problem by accessing your inner wisdom
  • Experience  the expansion of material abundance
  • And more!

If you are ready to experience more abundance, fulfillment, and love in your life, register for the SynchroDestiny Teleseminar now!

Listen to Deepak talk about the SynchroDestiny Program offered on January 27th-31, 2010.

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Over 100 spiritual seekers converged on the beach community of Ponte Vedra Beach. Over five days through sessions with Deepak, David Simon, and davidji they learned to harness the power of coincidence. Here are a few pics of our sunrise meditations, our beach yoga, sharing ayurvedic cuisine together, and celebrating the magnificent light of the gap.

To learn more about SynchroDestiny and other spiritual programs offered by the Chopra Center, please click here.

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The Chopra Center has returned from a magnificent week in Ponte Vedra, Florida, where participants from throughout the country attended the SynchroDestiny self-empowerment workshop led by Deepak Chopra and David Simon.

We laughed; we cried; we had our minds blown; we drifted deep into spirit and we touched our collective soul – we shared; we drummed; we danced; we swam; we dined; we learned; we mapped; we tapped into our collective consciousness; we closed our eyes and opened our hearts; we surrendered; we expanded; we rose with the sun . . . and together we took a powerful step in transforming the world as we transformed ourselves.

We thank everyone who joined us for the profound gift of your presence. We are indeed blessed by your  participation in such a transformational experience.

On behalf of Deepak and David and our sweet Chopra Center team of Amanda, Claire, Libby, Kali, Dave, Janis, Rodney, and Drew – thank you for trusting in yourself, trusting the Chopra Center, and most of all . . . trusting in the universe. See you in the gap!

Namaste & Peace

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