Room Sharing

Tips for a Successful Room Sharing Experience

  • Choose a roommate who will be compatible with your lifestyle. If you don’t want to share a room with someone who smokes, snores, has a different bedtime, or  other habits that will detract from your experience, be sure to discuss your “absolute no” list with a potential roommate. This will help all parties involved find the most compatible roommate.
  • Agree on the financial arrangements with your roommate and book your room in advance. For example, one roommate may agree to put the room charges on a credit card while the other agrees to pay that person in advance for their share.
  • Have a plan for how and where you will meet up with your roommate when you arrive at the event.

Notice of Liability

  • Please note that it is the responsibility of each program participant to communicate with and to work out an agreement with a potential room sharer. The Chopra Center and its staff take no responsibility nor will they get involved in making room arrangements or pairing individuals to share rooms. This service is provided as a convenience for Chopra Center program attendees and assumes no liability, implied or otherwise, for incompatible roommates, financial arrangements, or any other agreements between individuals as a result of using this site. Individuals using this site agree to hold the Chopra Center and its agents harmless and not responsible for any misdeeds or misunderstandings as a result of agreements made through the use of this site.

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  1. Hello Nora,

    Do you have a roommate yet? I am looking to share a room for the first 2 nights, and the last 2 nights.

    Would this work for you? if so, what would my cost be per night? you can email or text me.

    Thank you,



    1. Yes Amy… It works for me!

    2. Interested in sharing the Room at the next SOS November 1 to 7th.
      I´m a PSM Instructor since 2001.


      1. Hi Eduardo

        I’m doing my second SOS and am able to share a room from the 1 Nov to the 6th.

        My email is


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